Shalom Missionary Church



Mission Statement

Shalom Missionary exists to engage in missions to make disciples who will share genuine fellowship, Christian service, and the exaltation of Jesus Christ.




Vision Statement


We envision Shalom Missionary Church as a place where:


  • We seek to win the lost at all costs
  • The Gospel is presented in a practical way
  • Members are taught and given opportunities to evangelize their community.
  • Members reject sin and its very appearance with a radical resolve and readiness of mind.
  • Members abide persistently in truth, repentance and holiness through the anointing of the Holy Spirit.
  • Members and adherents are exposed to a wide cross section of training relevant to the needs of the church and community.
  • Adults teach the boys and girls how to be real men and women
  • There is a deliberate focus on the family
  • We grow larger and smaller at the same time to ensure that there is mutual accountability and cohesiveness.
  • Every member is a minister
  • Facilities are provided for multi-faceted ministry
  • We serve the community based on its actual needs
  • Talents are discovered and developed to enhance the worship experience
  • There is the freedom to radically express worship.