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What are they fighting for?

Posted by shalomiss on March 6, 2008 at 9:56 PM
Top gully, bottom gully, Southside, Jungle, Cassava Piece... what exactly are they fighting for?  Land, a piece of the gully bank?  Some zinc fences?  Some narrow roads, some lanes?  I don't know, they don't know!  A so we born and grow they say.  We come see the war so we jus' a prolong it they say.  The depth of revenge and retribution.  The extent of the gall of wickedness in mankind. The very sight of a youth from the 'enemy' side is enough to illicit the drawing of weapons, the firing of shots, the wounding of youth, shooting with intent to kill, assumptions made, conclusions drawn.  Another one wounded, another one bites the dust.  What are they fighting for?

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