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Welcome to Shalom.  I greet you with the double greeting of peace, blessing, divine favour, and infinite goodness: Shalom! Shalom!  Again I say: Shalom Alechem. Grace and Peace from our Lord Jesus Christ and God the Father be yours today and always.  We are delighted that you have made this virtual visit today and we trust that your life will blessed for having done so. 

At Shalom we believe that God has called us for such as time as this to bring the message of peace, hope and victory to persons whose lives have been torn apart by the ravages of political violence, tribalism, gang violence, poverty, and bad choices.  There are those too whose lives may not have been so affected but because of a life outside of Christ know no peace.  So we exalt YHWH Shalom as we speak the word of Shalom over our communities and seek to be change agents.  Changing one life at a time through a relational experience of the love of Jesus.  May your life be a channel of blessing to someone today, may you find your purpose in life and together we advance the Kingdom, living here on earth as Kingdomites.   As Kingdom people we are pursuing the will of God in all that we do, we want God's will to be done in us, just as it is in heaven.  We declare that we are among the 3% of those who are leaders and we affirm that we have been called for a great purpose!  We desire to see our community become a Shalom Kingdom community, one where the fullness of the presence of God dwells, one which lives in line with God's intention for communities.  One where day by day we approximate closer to that which was lost in Eden.  We affirm the words of Jesus: See! I am making all things new.

Shalom Alechem!     Rev. Teddy A Jones,

"Pastor Teddy"


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