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Duthie / Hill Genealogy


M Jill Shalders (nee Smith)


 Maternal (Mother) Family Line

Parents; W. Frederick E. Smith & D. Joy Duthie

above; Joy Duthie

Joy  was born in 1924,  the youngest child born to Walter & Emily Duthie, she was born 10 years after her brother Clemance (Clem), she grew up on the family farm at Nunga (a railway siding near Ouyen) in the Mallee area of Victoria. Joy's Mum Emily Frances had Rheumatic Fever after her birth, which left Emily with a weak heart. Sometime after Joy's sister May Married, Joy spent some time with her elder sister May near Casterton & went to School there for some time. Joy also spent some time with her parents farm near Ouyen with her parents, helping her Mum with the house and with meals.

When Joy was 16 her parents left their farm in the hands of two sons, Lindsay & Clem, and lived with their daughter May & her husband Arthur Muller, firstly in Casterton and then also with May at Geelong. Joy also lived with the family in Casterton, doing house duties for the local Minister & helping her sister May with looking after their invalid mother, Emily.


Joy Married W Frederick E Smith at Casterton,  June 1943

Their Children;

Dorothy Marion 1945, Married D Cameron 4 children

G(f) J 1948, Married 1/ Alan Marshall 3 children.  2/ A. Witham 

M Jill  1951-this line

David William James   b.15.1.1955 -  d. 8.8.1975 (car accident)

the children were all born at Casterton.

The family moved to Garfield, Vic (approx. 1960) for 2-3 years 

and then moved to Dartmoor (in approx.1962) where Joy & Fred bought a local grocery store.

A time was spent in P.N.G  (5 years with Baptist mission)  before retiring to Warrnambool

Joy aged 84

In early 2012, sadly Joy had a stroke. She & her husband Fred are now both in a high care elderly person's home.

Fred & Joy celebrated their 69th Wedding Anniversary together in 2012, they made the front page of the local paper.

 January 2014 saw Joy celebrate her 90th Birthday 

 and June 6th saw Fred celebrate his 97th Birthday

June 19th 2014 will be their 71st Wedding Anniversary


Joy's Parents;

Walter Clarence Duthie  & Emily Frances Hill


Walter Clarence Duthie   b.21.7.1881 d. 28.7.1957 at Geelong (buried Geelong Eastern cemetery)

 Born at Wauraltee in S.A , Walter had six brothers; Alfred, William, George, John, James & Charles

Walter hard at work on his Mallee farm 'Maylands'

In 1884 Walter's Duthie family had moved to the Lorquon area in the Wimmera, Victoria, from South Australia.

After their marriage Walter and Emily purchased land at Nunga, near Ouyen, where they farmed land. 


Walter Married Emily Francis Hill, at Lorquon.

Emily's family, George and Ann Hill, had also made the journey accross from S.A at the same time as David & Ann Duthie (with their son Walter). 

Both the Duthie and Hill families lived in the Lorquon area. 

below & above; Walter & Emily Duthie Wedding pictures (Below double Wedding with Emily's sister Alice Hill)

The double Wedding of Emily Hill & Walter Duthie  & her sister Alice Hill with Frederick (Fred) Smith, 3rd May 1905 at Lorquon, Vic

from back left; Will (William) Duthie, Ivy (Emily) Diprose, Ern (Ernest) Duthie, Beatrice Hill, Annie (nee Morris) Hill, George Hill, David Duthie,  Sarah Duthie (nee Waller),  Ann Duthie,  Bert Hill, Hester (Effie) Stinchcombe, Walter Stintchcombe, Elizabeth Victoria (Vicky) Raper, Rev Tippett.

seated; Walter, Emily, Fred Smith, Alice.

front row; unknown child, Florrie Diprose, Miss Reid (daughter of the headmaster) 

(Contact me if you would like a good quality print of this photograph- I have one I'm happy to E-mail)


Walter & Emily made their home at Boulka (Nunga), just out of Ouyen. Walter got a loan from the Bank & bought 1400 thousand acres of Mallee scrub land, which they called 'Maylands'. Walter cleared the land by rolling a log tree trunk over the scrubland, held at both ends by a chain & pulled by Clydesdale horses. For years afterwards he used a stump jump plough to work the land so he could grow crops of wheat, barley & oats. Walter also ran Corridale sheep on the property.

Walter was the first farmer in the district to buy a single cylinder Lanz Bulldog Tractor from Germany,

he sold about 40 Clydesdale horses & his sons also lent him some of the money to buy the Tractor.

The sons had shares of the tractor & extra crop was put in with the new tractor.

Wheat was worth 3 shillings & sixpence a Bushell before the War.

When the war started it went up to 1 pound a Bushell ( for a 3 pound bag), which was a fortune in those days.

Photo taken at 'Maylands' farm, at Nunga in 1924

From left standing; Harold,  unknown -Arthur Muller?, unknown- Arthur Muller ?, Lindsay.

From left sitting; Keith, Clement (Clem), Walter, May, Emily holding baby Joy.


Left standing: Harold, Clem, May, Lindsay, Keith

Front: Emily, Joy, Walter


In c1940 Walter & Emily moved to their daughter, May's home at Casterton & left their sons Clement and Lindsay who took over the farm.

Walter died in 1957 aged 76 years, and is buried in the Geelong Eastern Cemetery.

Emily died 20 Dec 1962 whilst living with her daughter May, Emily is also buried in the Geelong Eastern Cemetery


Walter & Emily's children were;

May Victoria 5.5.1906- 1962,  Married Arthur Muller 1904 - 1993, 2 children

Lindsay Clarence  19.4.1908 - 1989, Married Annie (nee Tyrell), 4 children

Harold Hill  23.1.1911 - 26.7.1975, Married Alice Isobel  (nee Langley), 4 children

Walter Raymond KEITH 2.1.1913, Married Iris Daphne (nee Wild), 2 children.  Keith was POW WW2

Clement (Clem) James 16.8.1914, Married Ivy (nee Smith), six Smith stepchildren. 2nd Marriage to Mary Jackson 1987. 

D Joy - this line  b.1924, Married F Smith,  4 children

 Above- Four generations of Duthie's - photo taken aprox 1906-07

 Left David(3)(Married to Sarah), Ann (Married to David (2), Walter Duthie with his first child May Victoria.


Walter's Parents;

David (3) Duthie - b. 2 June 1855 Goolwa (Currency Creek) S.A - David died  1st June 1935 at Jeparit (buried Lorquon, Vic) 

(Currency Creek is a small district, just out of Goolwa, S.A) 

Married -  Sarah Elenor (nee Waller)  b. April 6th 1856 at Magill S.A -d. Nov 4th 1939 at Jeparit (buried Lorquon, Vic)

David and Sarah married Feb 25, 1886, in S.A, before the family moved to Victoria.



In 1886 David's parents made the journey accross from the Yorke Peninsular in S.A to Lorquon in the Wimmera, Vic,  where they took up land.

David had Married Sarah Waller before the move ot Victoria. 

David & Sarah Married in Yankallia (S.A) on February 25th, 1880.

David & Sarah settled on a farm called 'Montrose' near Lorquon, Vic

The home has "MONTROSE' name painted above the front door of the home on the property, still today. 

The property was known in the area as 'Duthies'.

above; David and Sarah standing outside their home near Lorquon "Montrose'

above; Montrose name above the door at the home near Lorquon.


David & Sarah retired to John Street in Jeparit, in the home pictured below.

Above; Jill with son David in front of David & Sarah's home in Jeparit - pic taken approx. 1994

             David & Sarah's home when they lived in Jeparit.


David & Sarah's grave at Lorquon, Vic



David & Sarah's Golden Wedding Anniversary 25 Feb, 1930

Arnold, William, George, Walter and James -with David & Sarah


David & Sarah's Children were;

1/ Walter Clarence Duthie- 21.7.1881 - 28.7.1957 Waualtee S.A  - this line - married Emily Francis Hill

2/ David - died

3/ Alfred Ernest (Ern) Duthie 10.9.1882 -27.6.1962  -  married Beatrice Mary Hill on 10.9.1907 (Emily Hill's sister).

 Ern & Beat  moved to W.A.

above; Alfred (Ern) & Beatrice (Beat) Wedding

Ernest (Ern) & Beatrice children;

1/ Nellie (Nell) Eveline Alice  b.1908 Nhill Vic -  d.1984 at Nollamara W.A.  married Lyell Cecil Dorrington,

- Lyell Dorrington being the brother of Effie Vera Dorrington who married Charles Arnold Duthie b.1895 -brother of Alfred Ernest Duthie. The Dorrington children's parents being Albert Edward Dorrington, who married Ann/e Louisa Wilkey.

2/ DAVID George b. 19.06.1910 Nhill Vic - d.31.07.1875 Mandurah W.A, due to a boating accident., buried Methodist sec, Freemantle W.A. married Effie Constance (Consie) Kate Chomley in 1936.

3/ Ernest (Ernie) William b.1912 Lorquon - d. 2003 Mt Lawley W.A 

4/ Jean Beatrice b. 1914 Lorquon, Vic  - d. 1988   W.A     married Cyril Raymond Croft

5/ Douglas Herbert - Doug b. 1918 -d.1966 Embleton, W.A Suffered poor health before his death.    married Mabel Benson

- A son Ray was adopted by Doug's sister Nell after the death of Douglas.

6/ Allan REX b. 1920 Lorquon Vic - d. 1988 Karrinyup W.A  married Marjorie JEAN Overley

7/ Aubrey Arthur b. 1922 Lorquon -d. 1993 Morley W.A  married Agnes Florence Godwin

8/ Ivan LLOYD b.1923 Lorquon, Vic - d. 2005 Merriwa W.A  married Sheila Wise

9/ Hazel  b. 1924 -married No.1.?unknown person.  a son was born to marriage No.1 Alan   married No.2. Charlie- Charles Albert Davies 

10/  Clifford Cecil b. 1926 Lorquon, Vic - d. 1988 Hamersley W.A    married  Mary Helenor (Nell) Germony

 above; Ern & Beat  Duthie with six of their children - David George, Nell, Ernest (Ernie) W, Jean Beatrice, Douglas Herbert & Allan REX.


4/ William Henry Duthie   26.3.1884 - d.1.6.1957   Hamilton aged 73.  

Married  IVY Emily Diprose 1888 - 1968

married March 1st 1911

Their children;

Gilbert William b.1912 (MP member for Wilmot in Tasmania) married Jeanette Blake)

Evelyn Ivy b.1913. married Ivan Stanley Schultz 

Stanley Cecil b.1914. Stanley died a P.O.W in WW2

Arnold Kitchener b.1917 married Ethel Pearl Schnaars.

Mavis Doreen b.1919 married Arthur James Price

Heather Florence Duthie b.1923. married  Lorenzo Frederick Lee Grimmet  

 Alan John  b. 24.07.1928 d.9.06.1985 at Parkville, Vic. Married Merle Marshall

 above; William (Will) & Ivy's marriage


5/ George Stephen Duthie  4.12.1888 - 9.8.1965. Married Agnes Rosina Seaman (Married 1.11.1915).



1/ Leslie Maxwell b.1921-1924/

2/ Norman b.1924 - married Barbra June Etherton/

 3/ Albert -married Winfred Margaret Hitchcock /

 4/ Ethel - married Henry Maxwell Mann 


6/ John David Duthie  28.8. 1889 - 10.4.1919 (buried the19th) at Netherby, Vic

7/ James Thomas Duthie   9.6.1893 - 12.2.1983 Nhill, aged 89.  Married  17.8.1921 to Ruby Lavina (nee Hill) neeVanstone). 


1/ Betty b.1948- married Frank Otto Schneider

2/ Roy b.1950 -married Shirley Preston 

3/ Geoffrey b.1954 -married Merle Elizabeth Starbuck 


above James & Ruby Duthie Marriage

(Ruby's first husband Bert Hill was killed in Belgium in WW1 (Herbert (BERT) Hill was Emily Hill's brother- Emily being married to Walter Clarence Duthie)


8/ Charles Arnold Duthie  25.6.1895 - 24.8.1973. Married Effie Vonnie Dorrington on 28.2.1920.


1/ Lyell Arnold b.1922 -married Gloria

2/ Vonnie Una b. 1923 -married George Deam

3/ Avis Effie b.1925 -married Daniel Casey

4/ Colin Clive b. 1933 -married Edith Gedge

Above;  Charles & Effie Duthie


Walter seated, with two of his brothers. Ernest (left) & William (right).

it is perhaps taken on the day of Walter's marriage


Sarah Eleanor Duthie, nee Waller 


above -  Sarah Duthie

Sarah Eleanor (nee Waller) was born at Magill in South Australia (ref; book5 page 311) April 6th 1856 - 

Sarah died 14th Nov 1939 at Jeparit, Sarah was buried at the Lorquon cemetery, Vic


Sarah's parents were;

 James Waller b. 1827 - d. 14 March 1865 at Rapid Bay S.A

Married May 11, 1852 Christ Church, O'Halloran Hill, Adelaide, South Australia

to  Harriet/t (nee Chandler) Waller  - b. January Jan 1835 Middlesex, Eng., England -

Harriet/t died April 3rd, 1885 Rapid bay S.A, Buried  Bullparinga cemetery near Delamere S.A

(Harriet/t also Married 2/ George Augustus Frederick  Bowman in 1875 Yankalilla S.A.

Children born  to Harriett & George Bowman - Frederick George  b.Oct 17,1876 Yankalilla -d. 1958 Port Adelaide /

 Jane Fredreka b. 1879 Delamere S.A - d.1900 in Adelaide


James Waller & Harriet/t's children were;

1/ Alfred James Waller -b.1853 Cape Jervis, District of Adelaide, S.A - d. Sep 29th 1925 Kingscote, Kangaroo Island S.A -Married Mary Ann Simpson 1865-1932. Children; William Alfred 1885-1975/ Thomas Henry 1887/ Amy Eliza Gertrude 1889-1970 / Charles Stephen 1891-1915 / Alfred Wallace 1894-1975 / Norman Victor 1897-1985/ John Robert 1904-1967/

 2/ Henry Waller  b.1855 at Cape Jervis, S.A - d. March 1934 Kangaroo Island - married Emma Jane Miller 1859-1933. children; Sarah1877-1927/ James Henry1879-1960/ Frederick George 1880-1960/ Edith Alice1881-1940/  Beatrice Maria 1883-1933/ William Ernest 1885-1974  

3/ Sarah Elenor Waller  b. 1856-1939   - this line

4/  George Leslie Waller  b. July 1857 Stockyards, S.A - d. Clare S.A 1898 - in 1885 married Mary Jarman b.1863.  children; Ethel May 1891 in Clare S.A / Sarah 1896

5/  Arthur William Waller  b. Jan 1859 Stockyards S.A

6/  Walter Waller  b. 1860 Stockyards S.A   d. Jan 15, 1866 (this Walter may possibly be mixed up with the James Walter born 1865)

7/ Benjamin Waller  b. 1862 Glenburn S.A - d. Jan 26, 1899 Edithburgh, S.A

8/  William Henry Charles Waller  b. 1863 -1934

9/ James  (James Walter (Wally?)  b. March 1865 Stockyards, S.A - (James Walter may have married Mary Ann Simpson)

9/  Harriet /t Waller  b. March 2, 1872

(info on above- either No. 6 Walter Waller b.1860 or No.9 James Walter could possibly be the person who married Mary Ann Simpson)


Harriet/t Chandler parents were;

 Charles William Chandler b. 1804 at Gloustershire Eng.   d. 1878 at Happy Valley in S.A.

Married to Elizabeth Habberfield - b.1806 - d. 1st July 1836 at sea.


David Duthie (3) Parents;

David (2) Duthie  b.22nd Dec 1825 Marykirk, Scotland- d.25th April 1890, Nhill Victoria, buried Lorquon Vic 

Married to  Ann (nee Stephen)   b.22.06.1827 - d.2.05.1912


  above; David Duthie (2) born 1825

above; Ann Duthie nee Stephen,  Pictured at Emily & Alice Wedding day 1905 


David & Ann Married December 23rd 1849 Montrose, Scotland

 David was the eldest child of David 1795 at Kincardinshire, Scotland.   

 David Duthie & Ann Stephan were Married in a Church, which still stands in the main street of Montrose Scotland today.

David born (Dec 22nd 1824 ?) Marykirk Scotland - David died 1890 at Nhill in Victoria, he is buried at Lorquon cemetery

Above; Church of Scoltand Montrose


David by trade was a Mason (built stone houses).

 They set up house in Commerce St, which is just around the corner from Ferry St.

They had two children while living in Scotland, Mary Ann 1850-1876 and Isabella 1852-1853.

At the end of the 1840's there was a depression in Scotland and many people from Scotland, Ireland & England left their homes and travelled accross the world to make a new life for themselves, David & Ann were amoung them. They travelled accross England to the Port of Liverpool where they took the Ship 'Joseph Rowan' and sailed to South Australia as immigrants under the Authority of the Colonial Land & Immigration Commission. They arrived in S.A 18th June 1854 after a voyage described by the Ship's sergon as a pleasing voyage with only two elderly persons dying. Sadly their daughter Isabelle died shortly after arriving in Australia.


above; Ann Duthie nee Stephen


David & Ann settled in the district of Adelaide, at a place called Goolwa.

The family lived there for 21 years, during this time seven more children were born in Australia.

Children of David & Ann; 

1.Mary Ann Duthie b. 30.10.1850  Montrose,Scotland, d. 19.1.1876. Married Charles Toesland on 11.7.1870 Currency Creek S.A

2.Isabel(la) Duthie  b. 25.10.1852 Montrose, Scotland - died Adelaide, Aust  11.1.1855 (death cert states bowel infection)

 3. David Duthie  b. 2. 6.1855 Goolwa, South Australia  - this line

4.Christina Duthie   b. 14.11.1857 Currency Creek S.A. d. Ballatat Vic 1943 - Married Rudolph Robert Borchard on 25.11.1891 at Lorquon, Vic

5.Joseph Andrew Duthie  b. 15.10.1859 Currency Creek, S.A. died Woomelang Vic 1939.  Married Eliza Ann Brown 1870 - 1952.

Joseph Married on the 6.8 1890

 Joseph Andrew

Above; Joseph Andrew with wife Eliza (nee Brown) & children

6. Jessie Elizabeth Duthie  b. 2. 5.1862 Currency Creek, S.A. Married George Ernest Pevrill on the 5.12.1883

7. John William Duthie  b. 5.12.1864 Currency Creek, S.A.  d. Ballarat 22.2.1890 aged 22yrs, John was a farmer. (buried 23.2.1890)

8. James Stephen Duthie  b. 6. 4.1867 Currency Creek, S.A. d. 15.02.1944, Portarlington, Vic.

James married Elizabeth Jane Bruce on the 25.10.1894 at Middle Swamp, Clunes, Vic.

Children born were:

1/ Angus James 1896-1939,

2/ David Bradley (Brad) 1898-1980

3/ Lillian Rosina Myrtle 1902-1996- she married  Andrew Taylor. 

James Stephen


9. Alexander Stephen Duthie  b. 14.1.1869 .Currency Creek, S.A  d.28.8.1941 Ballarat ,Vic - never Married (death reg.18528 as Alexr Stuart Duthie).

Family say he was known to sometime be a hermit at Buninyong, near Ballarat, Vic


David  & Ann moved to  Wauraltee, on the York Peninsula, which was across the spencer Gulf from Adelaide, where they farmed land.                                     There is still a Methodist Church building still in existance in Wauraltee, which David & Ann gave the land to build the Church on (used as a hay shed now).       The land was given by David in 1876 & was opened by the Rev Kelly on November 1876. In 1882 the origional building was replaced by a stone building.          The Church closed in 1948 due to lack of Church goers.

The above photo was taken by Joy Smith in 1993


In 1886 David & Ann moved to Lorquon in Victoria to take up land there.

David died in Lorquon in 1890.

Ann lived for another 22 years, her daughter Christina cared for her for those years.

Both David & Ann are buried in the Lorquon cemetery.

Ann Duthie  in her senior years


Looking over Murray River, aprox 1927;   Walter, holding his daughter Joy, 

Walter's father David & David's brother (bro Jim (James Stephen Duthie?)  


David (2) Parents;

David (1) 1795 -1855   David was born at Fetteresso,  Kincardineshine, Scotland.

& Christina Duthie (nee Reid) 1796  Fettercairn, Kincardineshire, Scotland died 1859 Montrose, Angus, Scotland 


David Married Christina Reid at Marykirk, Kincardineshire, Scotland on the 7th December 1822.Arbuthnott, Kincardineshire, Scotland

Marykirk is a small village south along the coast, just across the North Esk river from the village of Montrose.

In the 1851 cencus David & family were living at 25 Ferry St, Montrose, he was a sawyer by trade at that time.

David died 26th March 1855, at the age of 60.

Both David and Christiana are buried in Montrose, Scotland.


David & Christina had seven children;

1/ David Duthie b. 22/12/1825 d. 25/04/1890  - this line                                                                                                                                                                

 2/  John Duthie b. Marykirk, Kincardineshire, Scotland c1827 (Sep28 1826  Blairs, Kincardineshire, Scotland- is this John?)   

d. 08.07.1888 Moonta mines, S.A, buried 10.07.1888 Moonta Cemetery.              

 John  married Jane (Jean) Gordon on June 9, 1850 Montrose, Scotland.  Jane was recorded as Jean on the ships list , see below.

 - children on arrival South Australia in 1855 on board the 'Flora'  - Christina b.1850/1  d. May 5th 1855 Adelaide, buried  West Terrace Cemetery, Adelaide AND

 Jean (Jane Anne) b.1854 d. May 6th 1855 Adelaide, buried West Terrace Cemetery, Adelaide

On arrival S.A John was a sawyer.

Two weeks after arrival In S.A John was admitted to a destitute asylum as he arrived in S.A with dysentery.

Children of John & Jane born in S.A - Georgina 1855-1933 died Broken Hill NSW (married Charles James at Wesleyan parsonage, Kooringa S.A),   John William 1858-1859/ Elizabeth 1859 (married James Morton) / David 1862-1862/ John William 1863 -1911 d. Mynpacht Hotel, Fordsburg, (married Catherine (Kitty) Beal -Burra S.A in 1888)/ James Gordon 1865- d.1900 Boulder City, Kalgoorlie W.A (married Ellen O'Halloran)/ David 1871 - 1915/  Albert McLennan 1871- 1915 (married Harriet Smith at Freemantle W.A in 1896).

 David (1) Parents;

John Duthie  b. 1770 Stonehaven, Scotland  - d. March 1848 Montrose, Scotland

John married 1/ Isabella (circa) (nee Smith)   b. 1767 - d. 18 March 1819   (married in 1794)    

 John married 2/ Ann Greig   (married in 1920) she died 15th May 1826


John & Isabella lived in a village in the north east corner of Scotland,.

They lived some of their lives at Fetteresso, near the small fishing port of Montrose.

John was a shoe maker by trade in the village of Stonehaven.

Isabella  died 18 March 1819

Both John & Isabella are buried Montrose, Scotland.


John & Isabella Duthie Children;  

David 1795 -1855 this line  

(James 1801 -Dec 11, 1874 died poor house Forfar aged 74 he was a tailor (married Mary Mattewson) )

  the James above has not been verified as being actually part of this family line                                                                                         

Jean  1811 circa -15.5.1826                                                                                                                                                                                                         

Joseph (died as infant)


 above gravestone -  was erected by David Duthie before he left for Australia

1851  ERECTED  by David Duthie to the memory of his mother Isobell Smith Who died March 1819 aged 59 years

also his brother Joseph who died in infancy and his sister Jean died May15 1826 aged 13 years.

Also his step mother Ann Greig who died April 23 1847 aged........

other writing can not be deciphered...



Joy Smith's (nee Duthie) Mothers (maternal) family


Emily Frances Duthie (nee Hill) born 25.3.1884  - 20.12.1961 Geelong.   

Married Walter Clarence Duthie on 3.5.1905 Lorquon, Vic


Emily was born at Wauraltie in S.A

She Married Walter in a double Wedding with her sister Alice (Married  Fred Smith) .

Emily & another sister, Beatrice (Married George Stephan Duthie) both Married Duthie brothers.

Beatrice & Alice (sisters of Emily) both moved to Western Australia with their husbands to live.

Most of Emily Hill's brother's also moved to W.A

Emily raised 6 children on the Nunga (Boulka) farm called 'Maylands' near Ouyen in Victoria.

Joy, Emily & Walter by candlelight 1930/early 40's on Maylands farm

The Duthie family - Joy is the baby in Emily's arms

Emily & Walter with sons Keith(left) & Lindsay (right)


Emily's 70th Birthday - Casterton 1956

back row- Keith, Joy, Lindsay, may & Harold. Walter & Emily sitting.

Emily died in 1961 at the age of 77years, she is buried with her husband Walter in the Geelong Eastern Cemetery.


Emily's Parents;

George b.1855 - 1942 & Ann(nee Thurman Morris) Hill   b.1855 -d.1943

George was born at Willunga S.A in July 1855

George Married Ann at the Wesleyan Church Glenburn (Delamere), near Yankalilla 13th  July 1876

George lived on the Yorke Peninsula in S.A, they travelled by wagon to the Nhill district of Victoria.

George & Ann moved to W.A in their later years.

George died May 1942 at ‘Sunset’ Nedlands W.A  & is buried in the Methodist Cemetery Fremantle W.A. Profession at death was Contractor, he was 86 years.  Death certificate states was residing S.A for 73 years & W.A for 13 years.


George was a carpenter by trade. His wife Ann was a midwife in the Lorquon area.


above; George and Ann pictured in the Wedding of their two daughters, Emily and Alice, May 1905

George & Ann Hill's children;

1/ Joseph b.1869 Rapid Bay, S.A (son of Ann adopted by George Hill)  d. 4.11.1945 Maffering S.A, Married grace Louisa Hill (his cousin). They lived W.A

2/ Alice May 10.05.1877 Yorktown S.A – Married Frederick (Fred) Smith – moved to W.A

3/ William George  b. 8.11.1879 Port Victoria S.A.  Married 1. Laura Ablett married 2. Amy Hotchkin. They moved to live W.A

children of William and Laura; William (Bill) Clarence 1909-1988/ Irene IVY 1911-2000/  Ernest Stanley Thurman 1914-1982/ Herbert (Bert) Nelson 1916-2000/ Cyril Lorquon 1916-1993.

children of William and Amy; Reginald (Reg) Ronald 1922-2004/ Douglas (Doug) Frank 1925-1988/ Keith John 1926-1997/ Norma Joy 1931 (m2 ? Smith)/ Bethany (Beth) 1941-2011/ Faye 1943 (m2 ? Anderson).


4/ Herbert Henry (Bert) b. 1881     KIA in WW1 on 4.10.1917 in Belgium.

 Married Ruby Vanstone, before going to war. 

Ruby married James Duthie after Bert's death (Walter Duthie's  brother)


 Herbert (Bert) & Ruby on their Wedding day 19.01.1916


above; Bert's (Herbert) death info Belgium.

Herbert's sacrifice is recognised on the Ypres (Menin Gate) Memorial   ref panel; 7-17-23-25-27-29-31

Private Herbert Henry Hill service No.7017.  Herbert entered Belgium with the British expeditionary force. He was part of the AIF 6th battalion.

 Killed at Bellewaarde ridge 4.10.1917. Most probably buried Bellewaarde Ridge military Cemetery, Zonnebeke   ' contains 17 graves of soldiers from Australia who fell September and October 1917'


5/ Emily Frances 1884 – 1962 -this line - Married Walter Clarence Duthie


6/ Beatrice Mary 1887 – Married Ernest (Ern) Duthie – moved to W.A



7/ Ernest Stanley 1890 -1964 (Fremantle W.A). Never married.


George Hill's  Parents were;

Joseph  &   1. Isabella (nee Ellis)   2. Mary (nee Porter)  Hill


Arthur JOSEPH b. Feb 21st 1819 Waddingham, Eng. d.Sep 15th 1878 Yorktown, York Peninsular, S.A aged 59 years.

& Isabella (nee Ellis) Hill b. c1824 Barrow in Linconshire, England. died Aug 9, 1868, Clair, Blyth Plains, district of Clare, S.Aust, aged 44 years.


 Joseph & Isabella married June 4, 1846, Parish of Barrow, Burrow on Humber, Lincolnshire, England.

 Joseph & his wife Isabella emmigrated to South Australia on the barque 'Houghly' arriving Adelaide, S.A, Oct 23, 1846


Our Hill ancestors were some of the first farmer settlers of S.A

They farmed land in Willunga, Yankalla, Yorketown(1871) & Wauraltie S.A

Joseph’s signature is recorded, along with others as trustees of the Wesleyan Methodist Church,

for purchase of land in Yorketown to build a church & Manse. These buildings are still to be found there today.


Joseph 2nd Marriage was to Mary Porter 5.9.1874 (John Porter is a witness on their Wedding Certificate). No children born.





 Joseph and Isabella's children were;


Sarah Jan 17 1847 – Married Henry Stinchcome  -Sarah died at Jeparit, Vic 24 Dec 1934

Joseph (jnr) 10 Oct 1848 - 21 April 1873  Joseph died of TB (Consumption) aged 24 years, at Yorktown, S.A

John 21 Jan 1850  - 3 Nov 1943 (Northam W.A) Married Louisa Ann Treloar b.27.3 1851-23 1 1932 in W.A (this is the line Joseph b.1869 -(George&Ann's son) wife is from; Grace Louisa Hill b.1875)(3 child)

Martha 6 Aug 1851 – 5 Nov 1934 (died at Portland, Vic. Buried Kenmare, Vic) Married William Barnes. William died in Rainbow, Vic in1916 

Ann 23 Oct 1853 (Willunga S.A) - 22 May 1929 at Tambellup W.A  .  Married William Frederick Diprose 1849 (Mt Barker S.A)-1930  Farmer W.A.  Pt Wakefield, Honiton. Married Mar 12th 1878 at Yorketown, S.A      (note; there is a Diprose connection on the Duthie side- William Henry Duthie married IVY Emily Diprose.  Ivy being the daughter of John b.1859 & Emily (nee Wilkey) Diprose)

George 15 July 1855 Willunga S.A – 14 May 1942  Nedlands WA - this line, Married Ann Thurman Morris

Robert 18 Sep 1856- 22 Sep 1913 (Japarit,Vic) Married 1/ Emma Elizabeth Watson (2 children) 2/ Married Fanny Pitt (7 children)

William 14 Oct 1858 – 26 Feb 1931 (Jeparit, Vic)- Married Hannah Pitt

Charles 26 Jun 1860 - 18 May 1935 (Ballarat, Vic)- Married Robina Brown

Richard 18 April 1862 – 3 Nov 1924 (Portland, Vic) -Married Eliza Matilda Porker. Richard was the Mayor of Portland, Vic for 2 terms: 1926/27 and 1928/29 

(more info on these families is included further on down) 


 Joseph Hill 1819  Parents were:

John  and Sarah (nee Atkinson) HILL 

- married 25 Nov 1805 St Mary's, Barton-on-Humber. 7 children born: John Hill c1806/ Martha c1809/ Robert c1813/ Richard c1815 d.9Jun 1873 in Sth.Australia/ Sarah c1817 England/ Joseph 1819 -this line/ Mary 1822.

The parents John & Sarah Hill are buried in the grounds of St Mary & St Peter's Church in Waddingham. A headstone for them has been erected near the path leading to the Church on their behalf. 



John Hill 1771 parents were;

John & Martha (nee Wintringham) Hill

They Married in 10 Dec 1765 in Waddingham, England)



Isabella Hill  (nee Ellis) Parents were;  

 Joseph & Dorothy (nee Bell) Ellis

Joseph died 1870.  Dorothy died 1873, both died at Barrow on Humber.

 Joseph Ellis Parents were; 

John 1771 & Sarah 1782 Hill

John was Christened in 1771 at Waddingham, Lincolnshire, England 

Sarah was born 1782, she died in 1828






Ann Thurman Morris b.26 October 1855 (married George Hill)



Ann Thurman Morris was born at Finniss Vale, second Valley S.A  in 1855

She died 29 July 1943 at 5 Wright St, Beaconsfield & is buried in the Methodist Cemetery Fremantle W.A, she was 88 years old.

Death notice states resided S.A for 72 years & W.A for 16 years.



Ann pictured at Emily & Alice's Wedding day, May 1905


Ann & George Hill Married 135t July 1876 at Glenburn (Delamere) Yankallia, S.A. Wesleyan Church.


Ann Thurman  Morris Hill’s Parent’s were;


George Hill b.28 Aug 1831 Mickling Nots, Eng.   d. 1st April 1862 Bullaparinga,W.A

& Mary1834 (nee Thurman) Morris - Mary born maybe Hickling, Nottinghamshire, England

They Married Derbyshire or Nottinghamshire England 27th June 1852 Hickling Notts.

George & Mary Emigrated to South Australia , onboard the 'Hyderabad' in 1854 (one child died at sea on their way, Frances 1852-1854)


George & Mary’s (nee Thurman) Morris children were;


Frances 1852-1854

Ann Thurman Morris1855 -this line 

George Palmer Morris b.4 Oct  1856 finess Vale S.A - d. Nov 1921 Bullaparinga, S.A. married Mercy Williams 

Joseph Morris b. 30 July 1858 Bullaparinga, S.A  - d.13 Sept 1860 Bullaparinga S.A

John Henry Morris b. 15 March 1860 Bullaparinga, S.A - 27 October 1925 Bullaparaing, S.A. married  Elizabeth Williams on Dec 21st 1882


George died suddenly & is buried in the Methodist section of the Bullaparinga Cemetery S.A

Mary married again  to  Joel Cole on 28.4.1864

Mary & Joel Cole's children being born Rapid Bay or Glenburn S.A – Mary 1865, Emma 1867, Elizabeth 1868, Joel 1870, Thomas 1872, Marie/Maria 1873 & Sarah 1874.

The child of Mary & Joel Cole- Elizabeth 1868 married Maxwell Christie & had the following children;

Florrie, Amy Dowie, Mary, Edna Estelle & Maxwell Alexander- CHRISTIE

The child of Mary & Joel Cole- Mary married the widower  William CHRISTIE  b.1841 (his1st wife being Mary Robertson b.1841)

George Morris (1831) parents were;

Joseph 1802 & Frances (nee Chester)1807-8 Morris

Joseph  & Frances arrived in Australia in 1854 ‘Hyderabad’ with his brother Henry Morris & family.


 Joseph Morris parents were;

John & Sarah 1782 (nee Brown) Morris

John born 1802 Hickling Notts, England

John was a Shoemaker

Children of John & Sarah Morris;

William, George, Elizabeth, Jane, Sarah, Joseph –this line, John, Robert, Henry, Ann & Thomas.



John Morris parents were;

William & Elizabeth (nee Smith) Morris.



Mary (nee Thurman) Morris parents were;

John Thurman  b.1802

& Mary (nee Palmer) 1808-1882,  married August 30th 1820

children; John 1828, Ann 1831, Mary 1834-this line, William 1839, Lucy 1840, Emma 1842, Sarah 1844, Elizabeth 1846, Lydia 1847


John 1882 parents were;

John Thurman 1770-1846

& Sarah nee Gillman 1770-1849,  married 28th November 1796 at Nottingham

children; Mary 1798 married George Gadsby, Sarah 1799, John 1802 -this line, Ann 1804, Rebecca 1806, Thomas 1808, Martha 1811, Lucy 1815, William.


John 1770 parents were;

Thomas Thurman 1738-1814

& Mary nee Smith 1747-1808,   married 4th October 1769 at Tollerton

children; John 1770-this line, Thomas 1771- married Mary Brierly (m.30th April 1793 at Cotgrove).


Thomas parents were;

Samuel Thurman 1710 at Tollerton

& Mary Cumberland 1716-1783


Samuel's parents were;  

John Thurman 1675-1724

& Sarah nee Garner 1679

children; John 1705,  Elizabeth 1707,   Samuel 1710-this line, Thomas 1715-1795 


John's parents were;

Edward Thurman 1630

& Bathsheba 1635









Joseph 1819 & Isabella (nee Ellis) Hills  - Children's info


Sarah Hill b.17.1.1847 at Willunga S.A,Married Henry Stinchcombe (Henry's father-Thomas Stinchcombe), Sarah died 24.12.1934, Jeparit, Vic 5 children; Robert-Stinchcombe - m2 Amelia Elizabeth DORRINGTON/ Henry Joseph (Jo) Stinchcombe -m2 No.1 Alice Ann Thompson. No.2 Bessie Selina Lemon/  Walter Stinchcombe 1878 - m2 Elizabeth Victoria (Vicki) Raper/ Mary Hester (Hettie) Stinchcombe 1880 - m2 Heinrich Martin Palm/ Sarah Ann Stinchcombe 1882 -m2 John (Jack) Alfred Parkin Ward. 

Joseph Hill  b.10.10.1848 at Willunga S.A, Not Married, d.21.4.1873

John Hill   b.21.1.1850 at Willunga S.A , Married Louisa Ann Treloar (Louisa's father-Henry Treloar)on 4.8.1873. John died 3.11.1943 Northam W.A, buried Cof C Cemetery Northam W.A. Children of John & Louisa; Frederick Andrew Hill 1874 -m2 Annie LAURA Dorrington/ Grace Louisa Hill 1875 (Grace Married Joseph Hill-1st cousin). son of Ann Thurman Morris)/ Edith Anne Hill 1877 - m2 Henry Vartram Saint David Davies/  Lily MABEL Hill 1878 -m2 Furbois RANDOLPH Reynolds/  Minnie GERTRUDE Hill 1880, Prudence Evangeline Hill 1882 -m2 Harry Rowland Martin/  Henry Appleton Hill 1885 - m2 Mary Alice Gillis.

Martha Hill  b.6.8.1851 at Willunga S.A, Married William Barnes 5.11.1875( James father James Barnes), Martha died 5.11.1934, Portland, Vic. Buried Kenmore, Vic.No children born. Martha & husband William did rear the daughter of Robert & Eliza Hill after Eliza died after the daughter Amy Florence was born. Amy recorded her surname on her marriage cert as Hill, even though she did take the name of Barnes when she was grew up in Martha & William's home.

Ann Hill  b.23.10.1853 at Willunga S.A. Married William Frederick Diprose - married 12 March 1878 at Yorketown S.A. Ann died in W.A. Tambellup.  Children of Ann and William; William Joseph Diprose 1878 -m2 Edith Sarah Daniell/  Annie Diprose 1880-1880 (lived 36 hours)/ Hugh Herbert Diprose 1881 -m1 Ada Mabel King/ Isabel Jessie Diprose 1884 -did not marry/ Archibald Ernest Diprose 1886 -m2 Agnes Gertrude Hull/  Richard Hill Diprose - m2 Harriet Jane King/  Elsie May Diprose 1891 - m2 Reuben Osborne Howard.

George Hill  b 1855- this line

Robert Hill  b.18.9.1856 at Yankalilla S.A, Married 1/ Emma Elizabeth Watson 14.2.1878 (Emma's father was Robert Watson). Emma died 17.5.1882 children born to Robert & Emma - Ethel Matilda May Hill 1880 -m2 Edgar Turrell / Amy Florence Hill/Barnes 1882 -m2 Arthur Moyle.  Robert Hill re Married 2/ Fanny Pitt on 30.10.1884 - Robert & Fanny's children; Elsie Victoria Hill 885- m2 Vaughan Edgar Gerald Hugard/  Arthur (Arch/Archie) Thomas Hill 1887 - m2 Doris Marion Laws/ Robert ALLAN Hill 1890- m2 Florence Matilda Marks/  Harriet Amelia BLANCHE Hill 1892  - m2 Cecil Percy Preston/, George Clement Hill 1894 (died young fromTetnas -1911)/  William (Bill) Laurance Hill 1896 - did not marry/ Eva Dorothy 1901 - m2 Eric Claude Preston.

William Hill 14.10.1858 at  Yankalilla S.A, Married Hannah Pitt (Hannah's father George Pitt) on 27.8.1885, Willaim died 26.1.1931, buried Ballarat, Vic. No children.

Charles hill 26.6.1860 at Yankalilla S.A, Married Robina Brown (Robina's father-John Broan (dec) on 10.8.1881,  Charles died 18.5.1935 at Ballarat, Vic. One child Joseph Edwards Hill was born to Charles & Robina but he died after approx. 15 days.

Richard Hill 18.4.1862 at Yankalilla S.A, Married Eliza (TILLIE) Poker  (Elizer's father- John Poker) on 12.3.1891. Richard died 3.11.1942 at Portland, Vic. Richard was  Mayor of Portland, Vic  TWICE between 1926 & 1929, he had a Diploma of Agriculture from Roseworthy College in 1886. No Children born.



John1850 & Louisa Hill Children &  Spousés

Frederick A Hill  -Married Anne Laura Dorrington on 13.7.1903

Grace L Hill   - Married Joseph Hill 6.12.1875

Edith A Hill - Married Henry B.S.D Davies on 3.4.1901

Lily/ Lilly M Hill - Married Furbois Ranoalan Renolds on 2.4.1902

M Gertrude Hill  - Married Frederick James Huelin on 1.3.1904

Prudence E Hill  - Married Harry Roland Martin on 2.12.1903

Henry A Hill - Married Mary Alice Gillis


Robert 1856 & Emma (nee Watson) Hill Children & Spouce's

Ethel M M Hill  - Married Edgar Turrell  on 5.7.1904

Amy F Hill  - Married Arthur Moyle on 31.7.1903




There is some further info on these families children. Contact me for info.



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