Pugs of Shadow Ridge

Affectionately known as the Pizz Pugs


Hello and Welcome! Beings as this is my very first attempt at creating a web site I hope to keep improving and adjusting to make the site interesting and easy to navigate.


The navigation bar to click on each individual page is on the right of your screen facing you. I have tried to lay out the pages sequentially so the ebb and flow of the site is easy to follow. If you are a frequent visitor then you can skip to my Blog page and I should have a blurb there of what is the most newly added information and/or pictures and what pages to find them on.


On my picture album pages~if you click on the individual pictures they will enlarge and a description is included on each as well. If you have any questions on an individual pug please let me know~You will find my contact information on my contact page ~


 I will be upgrading and adding to my site as I go along but for now~please peruse and enjoy...Julie Pizzolato of Shadow Ridge pugs...OH! and my husband Phill too! The picture immediately below is of one of our earliest litters...Our black Panda Jade of Shadow Ridge is amongst them...We have changed a bit since this one was taken...I am slowly updating current pics so keep scrolling down on each of your visits for more current pics. The second one was taken in the summer of 2012.