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News! 11/27/06

    Hello everyone, hope you all had a great turkey day. So, after a month break from Morrowind, I'm back into the modding scene again. My two mods, The Drunken Scrib, and Chenumbris are back in progress and going nicely. I'll keep this updated daily, and get my forums up as soon as one is released.

    In my spare time, I updated my Landscaping tutorial with a pictured version. Be warned though, it's roughly 8mbs. Yes that isn't a lot but unless you need pictures, the first one is a measly 37kb. Anywho, enough rambling, here are the download links to them both:

Landscaping Tutorial.doc  <--- This is version 1.1 WITHOUT pictures.
Landscaping Tutorial v1.2.doc <--- This is version 1.2 WITH pictures.
(They can both be found on my Morrowind Mods page)

That's it for now, enjoy!

News! 10/08/06

*Fixed minor spelling errors in v1.0 ----- Download my Landscaping Tutorial v1.1 here:

    My New Forums, which are still getting all the information put up, will be linked soon. For now, information on The Druid Mod can be found under My Mods section of the site. Also, My Graphics will be up soon too, where I will have a gallery of my signatures/avatars/userbars all in one. Requests can be made on the forums. Thats all for today. :)

News! 8/19/06

    Updates: The Drunken Scrib is nearing completion, at 90% done. The only thing left is to fix the dialogue and a few minor clipping issues then it's set for release. MW:A, my team project, seems to be dead. The leader of it hasn't updated or logged on in nearly a month so for the time being that won't be updated. Finally, I have begun to work on House of the Dead. Currently, it is all written on paper, and I'm just starting to implement scripts and design the house. So not much on that yet, but expect frequent updates.

    Secondly, the Downloads page has been turned into My Mods page. Not only will it have my progress  % for each {WIP}, but I will also post up my descriptions there, all three have descriptions now and are subject to change so keep an eye on them.

    Contact Me page has been updated just a little bit, with a new screen name for AIM, as well as removing three of my older names. Still my MSN is the way to go.    The Shout Box has been removed for now, most likely it will not return but who knows.

That's all the updates for today, enjoy! :)


    Alright since I am finally nearing my first two mods completions I decided to make a site that they can be hosted at. Yeah, the site is bare and dull, I'm working on it best I can though. If you have any suggestions for the site you can contact me. My email is listed on the Contact Me page, feel free to send me comments/questions on any mods too, although none are done yet.

    I will get pictures up soon, along with a detailed description of each one. I will try to keep this site as updated as possible so check back frequently for new releases. That's all for now. :)

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