Sewing for belly dance

sewing and tailoring

There have been some request for pants....harem and flared yoga style...............

Harem pants are very full,,,lots of fabric.  Very easy to make,,,actually a good beginners project.

Fabric requirements,,,,,,,non roll waistband elastic,,,thread to match

,,,,,,,measure from hip to floor while standing,,,,,,,,,,,,,add 6 inches to this measurement.   Mulitply by 2.

Cut the fabric into two lengths,,you should have two pieces the measurement of hip to floor plus 6.

Lay them on top of each other as in the diagram.  The fold sides on top of each other,,,,selvage edges together.


Measure yourself ,,,,from bellybutton to crotch,,,,add 3 inches.  This measurement is known as the "rise"

On the selvage side,,,,,,measure in 2 inches at the top of the raw edge.

Draw a line down the full measurement that you took of your "rise".   Measure in to the rise measurement two inches.  Round off the corner created with eraseable markings in a curve as shown.

Cut along this line, using the curve.


Sew up the legs, each piece is one leg.  From the bottom to the rise. 


Turn one leg inside out,,one right side out.  Put the right side out leg inside of the inside out one.

Pin the rise,,match the seam at the crotch,,,the curves,,,and the edge at the waist.   Sew in one continuous line,,,,from front to back.


To finish, install elastic at waist and leg hems. 

Serge the edge (if you have a serger), or turn down 1/4 inch and topstitch it towards the inside.   Turn down the width of elastic and sew this down to create the "casing" for elastic, leave about one inch open to put the elastic in.  Measure elastic around your hip and add 1 inch.  Insert into the casing using a safety pin,,thread through until two ends come out through the space you left open.  Overlap the elastic (making sure you didn't twist it in the waist) and sew together with a square. 

Sew the casing shut.


Measure elastic around your ankle the same way.  The elastic should not be tight,,,,your foot should slip through easily when putting pants on,,,and sit on top of your foot without slipping under your heel.

Make casings at the legs the same as the waist.

Enjoy your new pants.

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