Sewing for belly dance

sewing and tailoring

Still updating,,,,,,,,,,,,,

The instructions for paint are so far in Crocet, etc,,,,,,,,the last time I updated,,I was only allowed 7 pages,,,,,,,,,,

I decided to give paint it's own,,,,,,,so MUCH you can do.

I've tried every brand,,,and I prefer Scribbles.  Nice tip, lots of control,,less ounce only.  I'd rather buy two or more of a smaller item ,,than one big one and have it dry out on me.  I've also found the brand has many more glitter colors than other brands.  And more colors in general,,,you can order on-line,,,or get from Micheal's Craft.

Tulip has the very best bottle,,,best tip,,,but it's EXPENSIVE.  And the colors are limited.  And I have found no difference in the quality of paint itself.

To use,,,,,,,,,,,,with the top on,,,,,,,,,tap the bottle, on the tip,,FIRMLY,,,,a few times,,tap,,tap,,tap.  This mixes your paint and removes bubbles,,,Try your pressure on a piece of paper first, until it "burps"  Air bubble out.  Once it's on fabric,,it's ON.  No burpy paint on the fabric,,it will spray.  Practice making your dots evenly spaced ,,,and even pressure.

Be prepared to take lots of breaks,,,and be able to move your work to a safe place where it won't be touched.  Your hand WILL get tired.

Large projects will take several days,,so have patience.  It's worth it.





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