Sewing for belly dance

sewing and tailoring

This is a tribal headdress I made.  Cut one strip 3 X 14 inches.  Fold in half,,,sew 1/4 inches.  Turn inside out to make a tube.  Iron.

Secure the ends, I used the serger, but a zig zag stitch on the edge will do. 

Make buttonholes (small ones) on each end.  Fold down corner (don't cover the button holes) to make the shape on the end.  Sew by hand or machine.

The buttonholes are where you put your side ties through.

  At a later time.  I'll show you how to make it adjustable using a bra strap adjuster.

Mark for center, and mark for the center piece (this is from Nomad Expressions, bead section in a craft store), mark out from this center one inch at a time.  Plan your beading around these markings.

Using repeat patterns makes it easier to keep track.

Work one type at a time.  I did the vertical rows first.  Then filled in the horizontal rows.

Then the coin dangles, they are easier to keep even when the one inch markings are there.

Using a 3mm ribbon,,,,fold 2 ft length in half.  Using a darning needle, poke through the center top, so there is a loop through the fabric,,behind the center piece.

Feed the length of ribbon through the loop.  This is to carry the weight in the center.  The ribbon is to go over the top of the head,,to the back where the elastic ties from the sides.

Pictures and beading ideas to follow.



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