Sewing for belly dance

sewing and tailoring

Simple coin belt

This also makes good club wear,,as you can see.  This belt is done differntly than the pattern..I found it works better if you use coins on the main body of the belt as well.  The heavier the coins and the lighter the thread, the more jingle.

Simple crochet practice belt

You will need: 

1 ball of size 10 crochet thread

1 crochet hook, size 1.25

Coins ( number depends on size of belt, I like at least 100)

Measure around your hips, add 10 inches.  Chain this amount. 

Chain 3, double chain in 4 th chain from hook.

Double chain in every single chain of your crochet ,  mark 5 inch pointe on either side with contrast thread or saftey pins.

 This is your base. Turn

Single chain for 5 inches,,,,,,,,,

Insert  the hook in next Dbl chain,  wrap yarn twice around hook, put on coin facing out , this is triple chain.

Single chain 7 , back into the belt, add coin with triple chain.  repeat until the last 5 inches,,,,,,,,,end with single chain into belt of 7. Turn

Single chain 3 back into belt , chain 5, add coin with triple chain, chain 5,,,attach with single chain in center of 7 chain, repeat until the end.  Turn

*Single chain down length of previous chain until the coin attach is reached,

Chain 5, add coin with triple chain, chain 5, attach with single chain behind next coin, repeat until the last coin. Turn.**

Start at * and repeat until ** for each row of coins you require.  There is one coin less in each row.  End by pulling crochet yarn through loop at last single chain behind the last coin.

Pictures to come

Using tubes of dimentional paint Tulip paint

This technique takes a little time to learn so use scraps to practice on first.  If you don't have scraps, get a yard of chiffon, cut and hem to make 3 scarves, decorate according to instructions, and give as Christmas gifts to 3 of your favorite friends.

 Got no time for beading, or beads are too heavy?  Why not use paint?  Print off a picture you like from the internet or kids coloring book.  Layer this way..........heavy cardboard..........picture............wax paper...........sheer fabric.  Secure with pins, trace the outline of the picture with gold or silver dimentional paint.( I like Tulip)   If you want a beaded look use small dots of paint on the outline.  Let set undisturbed for 24 hours.   While the paint is still wet you can add beads or sequins if you like.  This is a great way to decorate chiffon as I find beads are too heavy and drag it down. 

I just started a scarf using bead like glitter dimentional paint.  Here are the pics.   I'll post instructions later,,,busy,busy, busy.


Make your own bindis, jewelry with paint

to come later 

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