Sewing for belly dance

sewing and tailoring

Here we go,,,a few purchased patterns,,,modified for belly dance wear.



 Pattern number one,,the underbust vest.

All you have to do for this pattern is make the body shorter.  And I'm liking the sleeves on that green blouse too.

Lay out the pattern sheet  and trace(I like wax paper and a fine marker for this).  Save the originals in case you make a mistake and have to start over.  Include the darts,,little triangles that show where you join.

Measure how short you want the garment.  I suggest for the vest two inches below the front where it laces up. 

Here is the tricky part.   There are two ways to shorten this vest.

Method 1

This keeps the lower pattern shape intact.

At the laced front,,,measure how short you want the garment,  measure the pattern.  Subtract to get the difference.  If you want two inches,,,,,,,and the pattern measures 8,,,we have to get rid of 6 inches.

Cut out,,in straight pieces ,,6 inches from the center of each pattern piece.  Line up the darts at each piece to make sure the removed part is in the same area.  Tape the top and bottom part back together once the 6 in strip is removed.  Retrace the new shortened pattern,,,,,with smooth lines.  Keep the center of the front,,and the center of the back together.  Smooth out lines in the tracing for overlap,,or gaps.  (pics on how to,,,to follow)


Method 2

Straight on the bottom of garment.

Measure how much shorter you want the garment,,measure and cut it off the traced paper pattern.  Use the darts to line up the pieces one at a time,,and continue the line of cut across.

This is quicker and easier,,but it doesn't look as nice.


Measure how short you want the garment.  Cut the excess from the bottom.









Burda Download BUR7843
Item Number: bur7843
Download (Print on your printer):$5.99

This one needs very little explaination,,mermaid,,,ta daahhhh!!!!!


Make the full dress,,,stretch fabric ,,of course.

Or trace the pattern and cut it off at the waist for a skirt.  The waist is usually marked on dresses.  Fit,,,and mark where you want it to hang on your hips.  Cut the skirt away ABOVE the markings.

Cut down waist to hang on the hip as in skirt instructions for straight or mermaid skirt on this site, with elastic.

The little panel in the front?  Cut it off and join the sides of the mermaid,,,the gathering will fill it in.

Could you make it in non stretch?,,of course,,,but I dare you to dance in it.

The "tail" is the only part I would use a non stretch fabric in.

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