Sewing for belly dance

sewing and tailoring

Ever wonder how to make your own belly dancing costume?

This web-site is designed to help others, like myself, who love dance, love costuming and find it hard to find instructions on how to make your own.  I will add to it as I learn of patterns and techniques. All suggestions are welcome! 

I've added a forum,,,,,,,,,,,so speak your mind,,add suggestions.  This is YOUR place!

These patterns are for beginners, I try to explain techniques as I go along.  So relax, don't get stressed, this is supposed to be fun.  Put on some dance music to inspire you, and remember ..........flash, sparkle and a big smile while dancing will hide any little imperfections in your costume.



This site is constantly under construction.  I am allowed 7 pages, so when I add the pages might change.  Click on what interests you.  If it is not there this week, it may be there next.  If there is something you would like to see, please use the feedback page, and add your e-mail if you would like a reply or to know when your request will be listed.  This is a completely free site.  Patterns and instructions will be added as I figure out how to express them to you, so check back often.  For example:  I have the bra, belt pattern, I just have to figure out how to make a printable form in this site. 


I apologise to all those who like this site,,I left you hanging.  House fire, destroying my sewing room,,and divorce have left me hopping for over two years.

But I'm back now,,,,,,,,,,and full of ideas,,,,,,,,Seems this site has improved since I was away.  I'll be adding more, such as a forum. And more pages,,,,,,,YAY!

I'll also try to add some video,,much easier to follow than instructions.....................................

Still dancing,,,still sewing,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

What's New

this pattern is added to the crochet section, not quite complete,,,,patience,patience

This pattern is also good for bracelets anklets and necklace,,,head piece as well.

But , guess what,,,I was reading about CROCHETING WIRE,,,,OHHHHHHHH,,will post once I try it.

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