Seven Chapters

Ambient Soundscapes


'utter atmospheric bliss...'

White Hole

'awe-inspiring ambience and atmosphere ... love the heavily flanged drums in the background... this is true bliss to my ears ... a vast space filled with glorious sounding synths. About halfway into it, the harmonic center is introduced ... sonic experimentation here is flawless; musicality is ever-present. Love the bell-sounding chimes... Spacey sounding synths. The true ambience achieved here is unreal.' - Review By: TERMINATUS (01/24/2006)

Into the Void

Seven Chapters boasts extraordinarily beautiful sounding pads, and utter atmospheric bliss. This track is no exception. Soothing, environmental ambience. Into the Void is like one long breath... take in all of the lushness, the airy pads, the harmonic soundscape... exhale... peace. love. pure, natural beauty. I feel like time has stopped. I am floating in a sea of luxurious fluffy clouds of nothingness... the void is not a place to be afraid of... it is a place where balance has finally won over the forces of chaos... - Review By: TERMINATUS (01/24/2006)