Seven Chapters

Ambient Soundscapes

Seven Chapters

The story of our lives is in composing ...

Experimenting with ambient music since the '70s, merging soundscapes with more traditional forms of music. Seven Chapters is currently working in a home studio, integrating natural and un-natural sounds with keyboards, guitars, computer based virtual synthesizers and audio/midi applications.

Music Style: Ambient Soundscapes, Space Music, Progressive, Orchestral & Folk Rock.

Why this name?
It's the title of a song that a friend and I collaborated on. It pertains to life, and the milestones, or chapters, that occur over the course of that life.

How do you think the internet (or mp3) changes the music industry?
There is so much more available now. You can listen to anything you like online, instead of being spoon-fed by commercial radio.

Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
Not sure. I do like the idea of being associated with a small independent label. They take risks.

Do you play live?

Your influences?
Brian Eno, Steve Roach, Peter Gabriel, Diatonis, Andrew Lahiff, & Pink Floyd.


1982 Larrivee L-27
2003 Karol
2005 Taylor 310
2003 Washburn J12S

Walden G3030CEQ

Fender Stratocaster
1982 Aria Pro II PE R-80
Godin LG SP90
Godin LG HMB
Several Custom Stratocasters
Cort CM Artist Bass

Software & VSTs

FL Studio
Adobe Audition
Cameleon 5000
Greenoak Crystal
Gmedia M-Tron
RGC Audio Z3TA+
field recordings


Korg M1
Roland JV1010
E-mu Planet Earth


Music Creation: Stand alone keyboards were used in the creation of many of these Ambient Soundscapes. Although the majority of the newer compositions have been created using FL Studio Producer Edition and virtual synthesizers (VST). FL Studio is considered to be the most complete virtual studio currently available.

If you would like to know more about FL Studio, or try a demo, you can find it at If you are interested in purchasing a copy of FL Studio or one of the Image Line products, you have the opportunity to save 10% on your purchase, from this Special Discounts page.

Live, Learn, Love, Create and Inspire


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