Sesquipedalians Welcome

Verbarian Ultracrepidarianism Rules!


Greetings, nerds, word geeks, spelling beers, etc. - in short, sesquipedalians. I am a fellow nerd, word geek, former spelling beer, and your partner in confounding and befuddling all the rest of humanity, who, unfortunately (or is it fortunately?) are not sesquipedalians. On this site I will post lists of the most awesome words available for everyday usage. Some of them, however, will be rather useless; just awesome words in general. Okay, this is a new site so it is rather vacuous right now, but will be growing with great celerity (I hope), so check back often. A word of warning:

 I am entropy incarnate.

Consider yourself warned.



The Lists

The alphabetical list: this page lists all of the awesome useful words I have put up so far, along with pronunciations and definitions.

The chronological list: this page shows you what's new since your last visit, but will not give pronunciations or definitions

The useless list: this page, which is currently nonexistent,  will  list all of the awesome but unfortunately  useless  words that we all love


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