Sercan Mod

The True Apocalypse Is Here


Yuri has used the time machine to defeat all countries in the game. Only France survived. All soviet units have been stolen by the two remaining sides and they're modified and combined with their technologies.  Shall france survive? Or will Yuri control the world? That's your choice.

Allied Units

I will list here all new and modified units. Be Hold....

Secret Service
Armor: EMP-immune body armour
Solidiers from underground, they have the best technologies and weapons. They use their red case to spawn a large stream of a blue substance. All infantry wich gets in contact will die. They may even plant C4-charges to destroy buildings. They are totally immune to EMP-Buggies and they are uncrushable. one of these can stop a rush of tanks or infantry.

Armor: Heavy radiation-immune body-armor
Desolators do splash damage now. They can decimate buildings too with their rad-cannons.

GI's are re-trained and can even attack aircraft when deployed.

Guardian GI
Armor:Extremely heavy armor
Guardians now have elite-weapons from start , they have better armor, but they take 2 places in a troop transport.

Allied basic infantry, these are the backbone of the allied army.

Soviet Amphibious transport:
These are buildable from the war factory now. They are equipped with a small machine gun.

Siege Chopper:
Allied main attack helicopters. They can decimate anything with their infinite amount of maverick missiles.
They can't deploy anymore.

Electromagnetic Pulse Attack Buggy
Cost: 3000
Armor: Really Heavy
The strongest unit in the game, these fire a huge projectile capable of blowing up any vehicle or infantry in one shot. They do splash damage and targets who survive the first shot will get shut-down by the huge power .

V3 NUKE Launcher
cost: 4000
Armor: medium
Yes, its a new unit, a big platform wich launches a small nuke. It can still get shot-down, but one explosion will destroy any unit or building . It doesn't leave any radiation, but destruction is guaranteed.

Armor:very light
this unit sucks out all energy from a unit and disables it. Its very fast and amphibious.

Mobile Ion-Cannon
Armor: medium
This unit has a target laser to designate a target for an ion-cannon. It takes a lot of time to load it, and it doesn't have any defenses on its own . You should defend it any time.


Yuri Units

Tesla Commando:
Armor:very heavy emp-immune armor.
This is yuri's strongest nfantry. It's specialized in destroying infantry from a long range. You need to target any vehicles yourself.

Armor:medium body armor
Another super-unit, this walking death fires psychic energy burst grenades. They do splash-damage and can even blow buildings with C4-charges. Your own units are immune to it.

Apocalypse Psychic Tank
Armor:really heavy
teh ultimate-known tank is now filled with even better psychic grenades! it does splash damage and all infantry near it get head-popped. Your own units are immune to it.

Nuclear Kirov:
Armor:extremely heavy
Kirovs filled with real nuclear warheads.  WOW!!!!!!!!  They are slow but a group of three or four will destroy a base, guaranteed.

This is just a flak track loaded with psychic grenades instead of flak projectiles. Its specialized in frying infantry and hunting tanks in combination with magnetrons.

AtomBomb-Artillery Howitzer
The ultimate-known artillery has been recreated by yuri and loaded up with small nuclear warheads. but these are really weak against concrete buildings.

armor:heavy psychic energy shield
What can I say??? A mobile psychic dominator it is. It deploys and creates an earthquake around it. This is really deadly against anything.

Yuri Giant Head
Armor: extremely heavy psychic defense shield
Yeah. Yuri's best clones step inside it and make it hover. It releases an extremely powerful electric charge wich mutates infantry and turns tanks into scrap. It can transport 2 infantry units through the battlefield.

Laser Mammoth
Yuri's head-popping, tank-melting,structure-killer unit. A heavily armored lazer tank wich you can deploy to create psi-waves.

Gattling Tank
gattling tanks spin up faster and do more damage to vehicles now.

Other Changes

tesla tank is avaidable for the allies and costs 1000 dollars, black eagle is avaidable, fires double missiles and costs 1500$, allied harrier is a nuclear carpet bomber now and costs 1800$, ore and gems have double worth, there are more crates for everyone on the map, there are 2 new game modes, there are new sound tracks, the Yuri GUI has been changed, the normal GUI has been changed, there are new maps,battle bunker is avaidavle for the allies, radar tower is avaidable for the allies and calls in an airstrike of 2 bananna bombers, army tents are avaidable, they promote infantry, heal them and may call in a full scale invasion for you, they take a lot of money.Allies have the nuke cannon, wich fires a huge nuke after a long time to kill the enemy.. thats all.

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