Its The Girl We Love To Dress!


The girl we love to dress




 The reason I created this site was

- To show my collection of Sindys

- To show you my OOAKS, Makeovers, Befores and afters etc..

And  for all Sindy fans to browse through pictures and clothes of  Sindy and her friends. Another reason my daughter Mollie went on and on at me to make this site !! she was driving me mad, shes helped me a huge amount though to create it ..Thanks Mols!

I still do occasional OOAK vintage sindy dolls so if you wanted me to create the Sindy of your dreams just email me


BABYLOVE REBORN NURSERY  ~ babies made with love

Artist Andrea Bailey

Have a look at my "Reborn Babies page" on this site for something totally different to vintage Sindy - once you see these little babies you im sure you will also be hooked the same way I was!!

Or visit my Reborn Babies website here for more pictures



Im able to make you a custom reborn baby - you pick the sculp and how you want your reborn to look

The  dolls on this page are not for sale as they have all been given new homes now but im happy to create you your own reborn baby  just email me

Im very proud to be a Member of the ERA

I have been awarded PRA*ISE ~ promoting reborn artistry issued standard of excellence

ERA is one of the largest U.K based international Reborn guilds, and has members from nearly every continent.
Membership of ERA is granted to those who strive to Reborn & Sculpt Dolls to a very high standard,and those who wish to learn and improve their artwork.
ERA also has Boutique members who design and specialise in hand crafted outfits and paraphernalia specially produced for the Reborn doll.ERA aims to offer a means for the public to determine the quality of an artists work, and also to offer a means for skilled seasoned Reborners and sculptors , and learners alike to communicate with our each other, and pass on their knowledge of their art to one another,in aid them to exceed to excellence in all their art forms.

ERA members promise to always provide the highest of quality dolls, sculpts & reborn couture ,and to always describe their work accurately, and promise to work with their customer in a fair, friendly and polite manner ensuring the customer is satisfied 100%with their purchase .




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