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Some of us are born to greatness, some of us have greatness thrust upon them...and me, well, I just play music. I do this on guitar, bouzouki, bodhran, mandolin and Anglo concertina (the latter mainly for morris dancing), and I've been known to sing as well. Most of my repertoire comes from the folk traditions of Ireland, England and Scotland -- stuff I've heard from other musicians and singers or found in books or other publications, and occasionally tinkered with to suit my particular needs, abilities and whims.

Nowadays, I frequent sessions here and there in the Boston area and am in a trio with two lovely people, Emily Peterson and Steve Levy, called Ceol Corvus. I'm also part of a duo with Colleen White, a dandy flute and whistle player and singer.  

Most recent album -- listen/download for free.

In 2017, I released "Rule of Thumb". Dan Neely of The Irish Echo called it "a lovely collection of vocal tracks...Definitely worth checking out."

You can listen to others samples of my music here.
In the spring of 2014, I started a home recording project, "The Steadfast Sessions." Check it out here.

Among the venues and events where I've appeared, solo or in collaboration of some fashion, at one time or another are: Club Passim,  Boston Celtic Music Fest, Irish Heritage Festival, Boston Irish Festival, The Press Room, Oasis Coffeehouse, The Mill, New England Folk Festival Association (NEFFA), Blackstone Valley Celtic Festival, Nameless Coffeehouse, Boston College Arts Festival and J.P. O'Hanlon's Pub. I've been fortunate enough to play with such folks as Seamus Connolly, Laurel Martin, Heather Cole-Mullen, Robin Kynoch, Janine Sirignano & Pete Buchak, Oisin McAuley, Dan Houghton, Emerald Rae & Eden Forman, Katie McNally & Doug Lamey, Flynn Cohen, Jimmy Noonan, Amelia Mason, Emily Troll, Kristin Sherwood, Eugene Rothman, Abbie MacQuarrie and -- well, the list goes on.

The social amenities are a big part of what draws me to the music, whatever its point of origin. Playing a toe-tromping reel at a packed-to-the-rafters Irish ceilidh, backing a brisk 6/8 march at a convivial Scottish fiddle session, belting out a chorus at an English-style pub-sing -- put me in any of those settings and I'll be happy beyond description. But I also enjoy the performance aspect, and so I try to arrange songs or tunes creatively and imaginatively, so they will (hopefully) be pleasant for the listener to experience.

To make matters worse, I once used to indulge in the ancient English tradition of morris dancing, and over the course of three decades or so performed with several teams, the most recent one being Commonwealth Morris Men.

In addition, I'm involved in the organizational, behind-the-scenes end of folk music and dance, including events such as the Boston Celtic Music Fest, and BCMFest's now-discontinued monthly "Celtic Music Monday" series at Club Passim. Sometimes I even write about these activities: I'm currently free-lancing for The Boston Irish Reporter; Here's an article I did about The Ginger Ale, a children's morris dance event held in Boston; and some of the work I did for the ICONS Festival.

Fortified by frequent, regular doses of Pete Seeger, Joan Baez, the Clancy Brothers, Theodore Bikel et al during childhood, and then inspired by annual visits to the Fox Hollow Festival in Petersburg, NY, I began playing traditional music in my teens. During college, I spent a year in Ireland and the UK doing an independent study of the folk music revival, which gave me the opportunity to go to numerous folk clubs, festivals and sessions. In 1980, I joined a short-lived band called Invermark, and was a back-up musician on a recording of bagpipe music by two of the group's members ["Land of My Youth," Front Hall Records, released 1981].

Moving to Boston in 1981, I co-founded a trio, Dark Eyed Sheep, which for several years performed at coffeehouses, festivals and other venues in New England, such as Club Passim, NEFFA, Transfigured Night Coffeehouse, The Press Room, The Village Coach House and the Acadian Folk Festival in Maine. We also appeared live on WERS-FM and recorded a cassette album.

After a lengthy period of musical inactivity, a few years back I started inflicting myself once again on local musicians, sessions, pubs and dances. I can only speak for myself, but have to say I've enjoyed the reimmersion.

Questions? Comments? Reasonable offers? Drop me a line.

Ceol Corvus at St. John's Coffeehouse, Arlington, Mass., Oct. 2013 (Photo courtesy St. John's Coffeehouse)

"And even I am forced to raise my croaking voice and sing" --A glance at some, but by no means all, of the songs in my repertoire.

"...You may ask yourself, 'Well, how did I get here?'"--Like many a red-blooded American boy, I set out to be a dynamic, iconoclastic rock'n roller. So what happened? (Note: Guaranteed time-waster)

"...Like many links of gold"--Friends, acquaintances, occasional accomplices, venues, resources. If I've neglected anyone, for Heaven's sake, let me know.

Upcoming/Recent Performances

*August 16, 2018, The BeBop, with Colleen White, 6 p.m., 1116 Boylston St., Boston

*October 10, 2018, The Burren Backroom Series, with Ceol Corvus (opening for
Maire Ni Chathasaigh & Chris Newman, 7:30 p.m., Somerville, Mass.

*November 27, 2018, Gore Place Carriage House, with Colleen White, 7:30 p.m., Waltham, Mass.

*January 17-20, 2018, BCMFest (Boston's Celtic Music Fest, performances with Colleen White


*February 17, 2018, Open Book Coffeehouse, with Colleen White, Canton, Mass.

*January 18-21, 2018, BCMFest (Boston's Celtic Music Fest, performances with Ceol Corvus and Colleen White

*April 30, 2017, L'Aroma Cafe, West Newton, Mass.

*May 13, 2017:
Newton Festival of the Arts 

*July 11, 2017: Wayside Inn, with Ceol Corvus. 

*Aug. 17, 2017: Newton Free Library, with Colleen White, 7 p.m., free admission

*Sept. 9, 2017: St. John's Coffeehouse, Arlington, Mass., with Colleen White, opening for Reggie Harris, 7:30 p.m.

*Oct. 1, 2017: Club Passim Live Music Brunch, with Ceol Corvus, 10 a.m.-1:30 p.m., Club Passim, Harvard Square


*Jan. 14, 2017: BCMFest (Boston's Celtic Music Fest), with Colleen White

*Jan. 8, 2017: Wellesley Free Library, with Ceol Corvus

*May 30, 2016: "BouzoukiFest" with Lloyd Thayer, Lindsay Straw and Matt Heaton, Memorial Day Weekend campfire.festival, Club Passim, Harvard Square

*May 21, 2016: Not Just Another Coffeehouse, with Ceol Corvus, Sharon, Mass.

*April 28, 2016: Boston College Arts Festival, with Sheila Falls, Kieran Jordan and BC Irish music students

*March 5, 2016: Belmont Public Library with Ceol Corvus

*Feb. 7, 2016: "Love, True and/or False: Romance and Courtship in Traditional and Contemporary Folk Song," with Colleen White, Newton Free Library, Newton, Mass..

*Jan. 8-9, 2016: BCMFest (Boston's Celtic Music Fest), with Colleen White

*Dec. 31, 2015: New Years Needham with the West Newton Ceili Band, 4:30 p.m., Christian Science Church, Needham, Mass.

*Nov. 14, 2015: Open Book Coffeehouse, with Ceol Corvus, Canton, Mass.

*Oct. 28, 2015: Midway Cafe, with Colleen White, Jamaica Plain, Mass.

*Oct. 11, 2015 Dorchester Irish Heritage Festival, with Colleen White

*Sept. 6, 2015: Labor Day Campfire, Club Passim.

*July 23, 2015:
Peabody Institute Library Summer Concert Series, with Colleen White.

*July 4, 2015: Summer BCMFest, with Ceol Corvus, Flynn Cohen, and Joey Abarta, Danny Noveck & Lindsay Straw, Club Passim, Harvard Square.

*June 25, 2015: Midway Cafe, with Colleen White, Jamaica Plain, Mass.

*May 26, 2015: Johnny's Luncheonette, solo, Newton, Mass.

*May 9, 2015: "Home Grown MusicFEST," solo and with Mostly Newton, Newton Festival of the Arts,  Newton, Mass.

*April 23, 2015: Boston College Arts Festival, with BC Irish Studies music faculty and students, noon, Plaza at O'Neill Library, Boston College.

*Jan. 10, 2015: Boston Celtic Music Fest with Ceol Corvus and Colleen White.

*Dec. 31, 2014: New Years Needham with the West Newton Ceili Band, Needham, Mass.

*Oct. 12, 2014:
Irish Heritage Festival, with Colleen White, Dorchester, Mass.

*Sept. 20, 2014: "Acoustic Newton Coffeehouse," with Ceol Corvus, Newton (Mass.) City Hall .

Where Have I Been All the Day? A Sampling of Past Performances, Events, etc.

*BCMFest, Harvard Square, Cambridge, Mass.

*Irish Heritage Festival, with Ceol Corvus and Colleen White, Dorchester, Mass.

* St. John's Coffeehouse, with Ceol Corvus, Arlington, Mass.

*Club Passim 2013 Labor Day Campfire, with Ceol Corvus

*Feile Cheoil Boston, with Ceol Corvus, Melrose, Mass.

*Boston Irish Festival, with Ceol Corvus, Irish Cultural Centre of New England, Canton, Mass.

*New England Folk Festival Association (NEFFA), with Ceol Corvus, Mansfield, Mass.

*Boston College Arts Festival,  with Seamus Connolly and BC Irish Studies music faculty and students.

*Annual Midwinter Coffeehouse, with Ceol Corvus, West Newton, Mass.

*"Urban Barn Dance" benefit dinner and contra dance for Mass. Farmers Market, with Cammy Kaynor, David Titus and Debby Knight.

* Club Passim 2010 Labor Day Campfire, with Ralston, Michael Troy and John Gerard.

*"All Chorus Songs, All the Time," with Liam Hart, Jerry Bell and Nancy Mulrey, BCMFest Celtic Music Monday Club Passim, Harvard Square.

*2010 Marlboro Morris Ale, with Commonwealth Morris Men, Marlboro and Brattleboro, Vt.

*MIT Contra Dance and Boston Gender-Free Contra Dance with Third Reel.

*With Tom Pixton's Big Excellent Band, Royal Scottish Country Dance Society Holiday Party, Springstep, Medford, Mass.

*2009 Labor Day Campfire Festival, Club Passim, with Matt & Shannon Heaton, Mayfly and Eric McDonald & Rebecca Wudarski.

*With Doug Lamey and Katie McNally, Oasis Coffeehouse, Waltham, Mass.

May 30, 2009--Third Reel with Emerald Rae at the Elysium Arts Folk Club, Rollinsford, NH, 8 p.m.
May 22, 2009--Cafe Luna, Central Square, Cambridge, Mass. Half solo, half with Third Reel
May 16, 2009--With Katie McNally and Doug Lamey, 7:30 p.m., Notlob "Kitchen Concerts," Jackson Homestead, Newton, Mass.
May 10, 2009--Performed with Commonwealth Morris Men, Lilac Sunday Celebration, Arnold Arboretum, Jamaica Plain, Mass. Photos.
*April 23, 2009--With Boston College Irish Studies Program faculty and students at the BC Arts Festival.
*March 17, 2009--With Armand Aromin, at the Irish Cultural Centre of New England, Canton, Mass.
*January 17, 2009--With Janine Sirignano, "Concerts at the Captain's House" series, Agawam, Mass.
*January 9-10, 2009--With Janine Sirignano, Sixth Annual Boston Celtic Music Fest, Cambridge, Mass. Details TBA.
*December 8, 2008--Boston Celtic Music Fest "Celtic Music Monday," Club Passim. With Robbie O'Connell, Michael O'Leary and Kate Chadbourne.
*October 24, 2008--Urban Barn Dance and Harvest Supper benefit for Federation of Mass. Farmers Markets, with David Titus and musicians Cammy Kaynor, Pan Chan, Peter Buchak, Eric Eid-Reiner and Dan Salomon..
*October 17, 2008--"Fall Free-for-All," Oasis Coffeehouse, Waltham, Mass.
*September 12-14, 2008--ICONS Festival, Irish Cultural Centre of New England, Canton, Mass. Appeared as part of the BCMFest Bard Squad.
*August 30, 2008--Cutting Edge of the Campfire Festival, with Flynn Cohen and Matt & Shannon Heaton, Club Passim
*June 14, 2008--With Janine Sirignano, Emerald Rae, Eden Forman and others, BCMFest Cruise, Gloucester Harbor.
*May 26, 2008--With Janine Sirignano , Cutting Edge of the Campfire Festival, Club Passim
*May 17, 2008--With Dan Houghton, Echo Lake Coffeehouse, Leverett, Mass.,
*April 24, 2008--Boston College Arts Festival, with Boston College Irish Studies Program music faculty and students.
*April 14, 2008--With Janine Sirignano, Boston Celtic Music Fest "Celtic Music Monday," Club Passim. Appeared with Aoife Clancy, Mairin Ui Chiede, and Susie Petrov & Dan Houghton.
*March 22, 2008--With Janine Sirignano, and Avi & Celia, SoniYoga, Cambridge, Mass.
*March 17, 2008--with Oisin McAuley and Meredith West, private function.
*Jan. 12, 2008--With Janine Sirignano, Boston Celtic Music Fest
*Sept. 21, 2007--With Janine Sirignano, "The Last Breath of Summer" Celtic Festival, Oasis Coffeehouse, Waltham, Mass.
*Sept 11, 2007--With Doug Lamey, Barbara and Robert McOwen, Barbara Magone, Ellery Klein and Abbie MacQuarrie, Boston Celtic Music Fest "Celtic Music Monday," Club Passim.
*Sept 1, 2007--With Doug Lamey and Abbie MacQuarrie, The Mill, Bristol, NH.
*May 13, 2007--Performance with Commonwealth Morris Men at annual Lilac Sunday event, Arnold Arboretum, Jamaica Plain, Mass.

*April 28. 2007--Performance with Commonwealth Morris at annual Gore Place Sheepshearing Festival.
*April 26, 2007--Performance with Boston College Irish Studies Program faculty and students, Boston College Arts Festival.
*Jan. 13, 2007--Boston Celtic Music Fest: with Katie McNally, and with Tooremoor.
**Sept. 2-5, 2006--On staff at Pinewoods Labor Day Weekend Camp, Plymouth, Mass.

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