The Scunthorpe Province of the RAOB GLE covers the geographical area known as North Lincolnshire.

North Lincolnshire is an area  in England. For ceremonial purposes it is part of Lincolnshire.

The  council area lies on the south side of the Humber estuary and consists mainly of agricultural land, including land on either side of the River Trent. It borders onto North East Lincolnshire, Lincolnshire, South Yorkshire, Nottinghamshire and the East Riding of Yorkshire.

Before the creation of Humberside in 1974, it was part of Lincolnshire, only becoming North Lincolnshire in 1996 on the abolition of Humberside. Until 1 April, 1996, the area had been part of Humberside. The district was formed by a merger of the boroughs of Glanford and Scunthorpe, and southern Boothferry.

There are three significant towns: Scunthorpe (the administrative centre), Brigg and Barton-upon-Humber.

   The Province was formed in 1921 out of the Hull Province and today comprises ten Lodges, the PGL, Knight's Chapter, and the RoH Assembly.

Our Grand Primo


                              Bro. Alan Egan RoH is our Grand Primo for 2012

Team 2012


We are proud to report that Bro.Andrew Wolfe KoM is our PGP for 2012   He is supported by the Deputy PGP Bro. Michael Fish ROH. 


                                Bro.Keith Beacroft KOM RoH is our Knight President.                              


                                  Bro. Michael Fish is our RoH President.

“The Buffs” - What is it all about? Is it for me?

 Are you interested in the welfare of others within your community? Are you willing to give a little of your time to help?

Would you like to gain a new circle of friends with similar outlooks? Are you male and over the age of 18?

If the answers are yes then read on.

What: The Royal Antediluvian Order of Buffaloes (or Buffs) is an organisation which places great store in you and the community. There are many benefits to you, the community and many local charities.

When: Lodges meet weekly, fortnightly or monthly at an establishment near you and you can attend more than one Lodge if you want to. 

   The RAOB under the Grand Lodge of England has been in existence since 1822. It formed an organisation in 1866. During the First World War it provided ambulances and crews to the front line. It also took on running of orphanages and convalescent homes. After the Second World War there was no longer a need for Orphanages – so it carried on running Convalescence Homes. Over many years it has provided assistance to its members and to many local and national charities.

                 For many years it had strong links with the armed forces as they spread around the globe. Today it is integrating more and more into the community at large.

                 Lodges are spread across the country in around 230 separate Provinces. All the Lodges are governed by a larger Provincial Grand Lodges. These Provinces with the assistance of the Lodges raise and distribute funds at a regional level, each Province autonomous to all others but working to the same set of rules. Administratively, the Order is controlled by the Grand Lodge which is based in Harrogate.

                 The RAOB is firmly rooted in the needs of the community providing support to those in need both in Lodges and in the wider community. Under the rules of the Order, there are no distinctions between social rankings or religions. Politics have little place in our Lodges. Every member of the order is referred to as an equal with the title of BROTHER.

                        Age is not a barrier if you are 18 years old or over and a law abiding citizen, you have all you need to join our ranks.

There is one thing that this Order is not. It is not a secret society; indeed the rules and ceremonies book is available in most reference libraries.

                      One of our founding principles is seen etched on our regalia. Truth, Justice and philanthropy are ever our watch words. We meet in a spirit of “Brotherly Love and Good Fellowship”

                    As an Order, we have kept ourselves hidden behind closed Lodge doors. Yes, we meet only with bone fide members and guard against admitting outsiders (The unenlightened). But if anyone wants to know what we do the must simply ask.  

                       We have “Secrets” that we reveal only to our membership, but most are traditional secrets such as a variety of “Pass Words” that are gained with progress through the 4 degree levels. Each admits a Brother to a different level of meeting within our Order and is nothing more than simple guards against the unqualified joining meetings to which they are not entitled. They are not part of any imagined “Sinister Plots”

                         If you are interested in finding out more about the RAOB and how to join, visit or contact (01423) 502438 and ask for Marketing & Planning.

Or: -

email the local Provincial Grand Secretary ---

Please note:

    This article refers to membership of the Oganisation known as the RAOB.GLE.  It is NOT about the Buffs Club at Ashby. Membership of the Club is open to all and is separate to membership of the Order.

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