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Let's Play Scrabble

The Australian Scrabble® Players Association (WA) Inc (Scrabble® WA), encouraged by Mattel, the game’s distributor, has developed ‘Let’s Play Scrabble®’ a structured play programme designed to assist Years 5/6 Primary Schools students in meeting the values and requirements of the Australian National Curriculum Framework.  Mattel, recognised among the 100 Best Corporate citizens as one of the world’s most ethical companies, has the philanthropic objective of making a difference – one child at a time.

In 2012, the program was trialled by Bicton, Bullcreek and Churchlands primary schools. Without exception, it met with enthusiasm from teachers and pupils alike.  Comments include ‘A very valuable teaching tool’ ‘the children loved it and were very engaged by it’.  All teachers indicated they will use the program again, and several have ordered additional kits for the current year. Willetton Senior High School used it in Year 9 Remedial English and Literacy classes; and will use the program again, possibly in English as a Second Language (ESL) class.  The remedial teacher says students’ attitude towards attending a remedial class changed from negative to positive.  About a dozen schools in West Australia and several others in the Eastern States are now using the program.

Benefits include improved spelling, an increased interest in words, improved mental arithmetic, social interaction, team work, mental agility and strategic thinking, all achieved through fun and enjoyment.

The ‘Let’s Play Scrabble’ Kit assumes a class number of 32 children playing in pairs and consists of:

·         8 Scrabble® short boards

·         8 tile bags with 52 tiles

·         16 tile racks

·         2 tile check sheets for teachers (to confirm that all tiles are present and correct)

·         Teachers’ Information Handbook (With additional activity sheets)

·         32 Student Handbooks

·         Playing tutorials

·         The school provides its own full size (not pocket or abridged) dictionary or uses an on-line dictionary.

The complete kit costs $200, which includes postage within Australia.  Additional Student Handbooks may be purchased separately for use in other classes or in the next school year.

Students begin with activities introducing them to Scrabble® concepts such as anagrams and ‘hooks’ (letters added at the beginning or end of a word to form a different word) before progressing to actual games. The beginner’s tutorial has been adapted for use with the short board, which uses only 52 tiles instead of 100; games played using this format can usually be completed within one lesson period.   Once the basic programme has been completed, additional options include inter-class or inter-school competitions, graduating to the full size board and full set of 100 tiles.  Any of the dozen Scrabble® Clubs in the Perth Metropolitan Area will welcome and provide ongoing support for junior players and/or their parents.  The best youngsters may be eligible to compete in the World Youth Scrabble Championships. 

For more information about this program please contact:

Glenys Lawrie

Tel: 9275-7090                   Email:

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