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                                             WELCOME TO THE WEBSITE OF SCRABBLE WA

To receive the latest news and updates to our website, submit your email address which will be kept confidential by leaving a message in the Guest Book. Points of interest and other news can be found on our Bulletin Board.

If you would like to receive reports and results of tournaments, please join our email list by sending an email to:



ASPA WA has a program suitable for Year 5 which meets several curriculum requirements in Maths, English and Social Interactions. If your school is interested, please contact Glenys Lawrie on 9275 7090. Click HERE  for more information.




Are you a resident of Western Australia? Would you like to play games or tournaments online? We've recently started up a Facebook group, the 'West Australian Online Scrabble League' (WAOSL). Join up and befriend other players in WA for one on one games and fun tournaments.

The link to the group is!/group.php?gid=316090819031


Check out our Events Calendar for a list of upcoming tournaments and contact details for registration.

If you have any queries or suggestions for our website, please contact us HERE! We'll do our best to help you or point you in the right direction!

The website for the Scrabble Australia is

We use ZYZZYVA software for word adjudication. A free download of this software is available at

Please add our site to your favourites, and add yourself to our email list. We will be updating on a regular basis and look forward to seeing you back here!


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