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Scottish Ghosts and Phantoms - The Haunted History

Ghost Hunting Equipment


There are many different types of equipment that the Ghost Hunter of today shall use, some are very cheap, and there are some expensive items on the market.  On this page I will list the most popular items, and a description of how you can use them to your advantage during an investigation.



Candles can be used during an investigation to detect a paranormal breeze, the flame of the candle will show the direction a breeze is blowing and also light up the area you are in during the investigation.  Using a candle this way can identify a psychic breeze, and can also indicate where a natural breeze is coming from at the beginning of the investigation.


The compass can determine the exact position of the location during your investigation.  A compass can also be used for detecting areas of magnestic fluctuation or can simply be used for mapping.


Lightly sprinkle flour onto a surface or floor in an area of ghostly activity, leave the area sealed off for a while and then go back and check and see if the flour has been disturbed.  It is always a good idea to leave a locked off camcorder or tape recorder in the area as well, if the flour has been disturbed there is a chance that you may catch something on tape or a possible EVP recording.


Always take plenty of pens, pencils and notebooks with you on an investigation, you will need them so that you can record what you experience or see.  Remember you will need your notes later on to make up your report.


Temperature variations can often occur in the presence of a ghost, although we can naturally sense a temperature change, we require a thermometer to record it accurately.  Please remember that it is normal for a temperature to fluctuate by a few degrees.  And you will find that during a night investigation the temperature will drop gradually.  What you are looking for are extreme variations in a short space of time.


Black or white threat can be used to secure an area, the best method is to attach it loosely across the doorway or passageway.  If anything solid passes through it will break or dislodge the cotton.  This is also a good way of catching out a trickster or identifying where solid apparitions have passed.


Some sugar is ideal to reveal ghoststeps.  Place a layer of sugar on the ground where the ghost is knowing to walk.  Place a sheet of paper over the sugar and when something solid walks over it the sugar will crunch.  Remember this will only work if the ghost is solid.


A tape measure can be used to accurately record the size of doorways, windows and other features when mapping out and drawing plans of the area.


 A torch is an essential piece of ghost hunting equipment, and will help you to move around the property safely in the dark.


It is very important to set up some trigger objects during an investigation.  If you can try and use something which would be relevant to the haunting.  Your objects could include, pieces of material, coins, flowers, books, anything that is believed to be familar to the alleged ghost.


All your investigation team should wear a reliable watch, it would be advisable that prior to the commencement of the investigation, all the teams watches should be synchronized.  This should be done so that it is easier when checking logged activity or experiences.


The recorder/dictaphone is very useful when recording a seance, it can then be played back at a later date and the contents can be transcribed onto paper.  The equipment can also be used in EVP experiments, best method is to place the recorder (with a brand new tape if a tape recorder) in a room, start recording then leave and seal off the area.  When the equipment is played back later on, there may be sounds that cannot be explained.  SEE BELOW


Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVP) is the term used to define a voice recording that has been recorded at ELF (Extremely Low Frequency).  This is quite simply a frequency level that the human ear cannot hear, and more important, that the human voice cannot even create.  One simple experiment during an investigation, set up recording apparatus and walk round the area asking a question then leave a pause, this is for the possible unheard response, then ask another question, leave a pause and so on.  Later on play back the apparatus and listen to your question and then carefully listen to the period between questions.  When listening back to your recording, it is very important not to change speed of the tape, or tamper with the tape in any way. (digital recorders are far better reduce the chance of a fraudulent recording).


It seems to be accepted by many scientists that ghosts can either generate high electromagnetic fields or they can cause electromagnetic fluctuations.  Using the EMF meter makes it more possible for you to measure the level of electromagnetic energy.  The meter measures it in milligauss, anything over 10 mgs is considered high and it can indicate a paranormal presence.  It would be advisable however to check the property prior to the investigation for the normal levels of electromagnetic energy from the everyday appliances.  If you have these logged, it will make it easier for you, as you can rule out certain things if you get a very high electromagnetic reading during an investigation.

EMF Meter Range

Typical house  0.1- 0.3 milligauss          Possible ghost presence  2.0+ milligauss


These cameras have become very popular during an investigation, always make sure you have plenty of spare tapes and batteries.  If you can, always use a fresh tape, as it can lead to possible problems of one recording being visible in another.