Schwandt's Diamond D

Holland Lops since 1996


Holland Lops of color and quality, not quantity is our goal. Schwandt's Diamond D is owned by Tiffeny & Mark Herioux (Formally Tiffeny Schwandt). Our son has also started to share in raising our beloved hollands. His line go by Herioux's and our line go by Schwandt's. Sometime you will notice rabbits with the Schwandt/Herioux prefit which means they are from a joint breeding.  I started raising rabbits at the age of 5 and have been in love ever since. I have raised Mini Lops, American Fuzzy Lops, Jersey Woolies, and Dutch. But since 1996 I have raised Holland Lops exclusively. I love the personality and challenge of a holland lop. Schwandt's Diamond D is a medium sized rabbitry, about 50-60 holes, located in Columbus, WI My goal is to produce the best quality holland lop in color with a awesome personality as well as type. 

Double Exciting news for Andy after completing his first year showing. 

Schwandt/Herioux's Jacky is 2nd place top lop for Youth 2016 year.

Schwandt/Herioux's JR places 9th Youth Top Lop 2016


Married October 24, 2009. Schwandt's Patrick and Schwandt's Tweety, along with canine friends Divi and Foxy Lady (collie).


A special thanks goes to the following breeders, friends, and family who have helped me get where I am today. Teri  & Larissa Antonioni, Charlotte Swade, John & Lisa Braun, Jennifer Poprawski, Tina Zabler, Theresa & Dan Schwandt and Toots & Jim Boeder (my mom ad her husband, who does chores when I travel to shows).

2008 ARBA Convention

Best Display Open

Solid Senior Bucks

   Patrick - 4th

   Jet - 9th

   Simon - 10th

   Last Bean - 25th

Solid Senior Doe

  Tweety -2nd

Solid Junior Doe

   Destiny - 2nd

Broken Senior Buck

  Ram - 23rd

Broken Junior Bucks

  Louieville (Patrick son)- 2nd

  Teddy (Tweety son) - 4th

Broken Junior Does

  Julia - 13th

  Charity - 22nd

  Justine - 23rd

2008 Holland Nationals

Schwandt's Blueberri wins Best of Breed Holland Nationals 2008

Schwandt's Patrick wins Best Opposite Solid

Best Open Display

Solid Senior Bucks

Patrick - 1st
Jet - 16th
Carmello - 22nd
Jack-O-Lantern - 26th

Solid Senior Does
Blueberri - 1st
Tweety - 7th

Solid Junior Bucks
Alvin - 3rd
Big Mac - 8th
Simon - 15th
Eight Ball - 19th

Broken Senior Bucks

Prancer - 2nd
JJ- 3rd
Broken Senior Does
Amanda - 5th

Broken Junior Bucks
Jaq - 9th
Chester - 16th

Broken Junior Does
Hope - 7th
Grettle - 17th
Day After Nationals Show
Patrick - 4th
Carmello - 6th
Tweety - 4th
Alvin - 1st
Simon - 6th
Prancer - 5th

BabyDoll - 4th
Amanda - 8th
Hope -1st
Grettel - 8th