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New Updates

July 27, 2012:  Went ahead and started up a contest. It's a palette contest :) Also if you voted under other in the poll and included a suggestion, I'd appreciate you emailing them to me as the poll appears to have sent them into oblivion.
Anyway hope to see those contest entries! ^_^

Old  Updates

July 26, 2012: So I'm currently working on moving (new house this week, new state in a couple of months due to work) Also my external hard drive broke and needs to be replaced. In the mean time however I'm thinking of holding a contest and was wondering if people would even be interested in entering. 
Please provide feedback in the box below:
If you have any questions regarding the poll please contact me.


June 18 2012: So I rearranged my dolling section, and added a few new dolls as well. Also Added/Updated the links page.