Music & Gaming!

Welcome to the world of Sayris! 





I have posted some sweet Vids on the "Video" page....check 'em out!! 


Welcome to a glimpse of what kinda thingies make me tick (sorta). After viewing the crap I've put up here you will almost know me pretty good......well at least the sides of me I wish you to know anyways!...

You can also download tunes from my band "LIMINIS" on the next page (about me)

I hope ya like 'em! 

I will post an update (like above there) when I add  any new stuff here.  

You are encouraged to post on my forums (as soon as I start!) and generally take advantage of the stuff I will be putting up on these pages!!......


Ciao for now!

Neil......a.k.a. Sayris.....(or Big Hairy Jew as some of my close friends refer to me as)


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