Trying to become a real author

For 11 (June 1995 - June 2006) years I wrote numerous articles (commentaries, and the like) in my community newspapers.  Fiction, however, was another matter.   I've been writing a paranormal romance novel off/on, but mostly off for over six years.  I've done numerous rewites as I learn more and more about writing.  As of now, I still need to write about 4 chapters to finally complete it. 

It's taken a long time to transition from writer of newspaper items to that of a published author.  But  on November 28, 2007, my first book, A Lesson My Cat Taught Me  was released.  Although A Lesson My Cat Taught Me is a book intended to be read by children, ages five to eight; it's an enjoyable read by readers of any age.

My contract ended with my publisher in March of  2010 and given the lesson my book conveys, I decided to self publish it.  My book became available again on October 2, 2010.

Recently, my book became a runner up in the 2011 Smart Writ Awards - Children's Book Category  Please note for some reason the prior cover got posted in the video,



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