Satin Steel

 Meet The Band...And Everyone Involved With Satin Steel

Ed Gangemi -  Guitar


After Ed Gangemi's accident he continued to be active in the band up until they left for Hollywood.  While still in the hospital after recovering from his accident, Ed received permission to leave the hospital for an evening and joind the band on stage to sing.  That was an emotional night for the guys and many tears were shed.  Ed also was present during the last demo sessions in the recording studio and sang on some tracks.  After his recovery in the hospital he attended and graduated from Gannon University with a degree in finance. Ed has kept busy with music with a recording studio in his home and with his band Shag Nazty.  Today, Ed volunteers his time and speaks to others who are in wheelchairs and have had their life changed by circumstances.  Ed works as a financial advisor in Erie.

Keith Clark - Bass

1000% all the time, every time is one way to describe Keith Clark even to this day.  Keith has continued his path in music and has let nothing stand in his way.  He has moved on after the break up of the last version of Satin Steel and has released two self-titled CD's.  He has kept himself busy not only with music but has done a bit of acting too.  Keith reunited with Ed for a while and played in Shag Nazty together for a while.  Keith is constantly writing and recording songs and lives up to the title "hardest working  'rocker' in showbusiness" Learn more about Keith at his Myspace page.  His close family ties keep him in the Erie area to take care of family.  Keith is still in the medical field, another thing in his life he takes very seriously.

Jim "jamie" shaw - guitar

Jamie Shaw A.K.A. Jim Shaw says he is known more for the guitars he played rather than his guitar playing.  Jamie started Satin Steel with Keith Clark and Jeff Sam in 1980.  Jamie left the band in June of 1987, moved back to Erie from Hollywood and played in a few cover bands and then stopped playing music altogether for about 12 years. In 2002 he started playing acoustic guitar with a few friends and that has evolved into a band called The O'Needers that plays "just for fun."  With this band he is playing not guitar, but drums his favorite instrument.  He has a recording studio in his home and loves to record. Today he lives in Erie with his family and still collects guitars and owns a few small businesses.


Jimmy "jes" shadle - drums

 Jimi "Jes" Shadle came to Satin Steel in 1983 from the local band Hammersmith, which is ironically still playing together. Jes' solid beat and great timing helped the band's sound and songwriting.  His ability to write songs helped the band expand, and what was most appreciated about Jes was that he could play drums and sing lead vocals at the same time, something most drummers shy away from.  He left the band in late 1986 and keeps in contact with Ed.  He had worked at Erie Times News and lives in Erie.      

The following people on this list have at one time played in the band or were major supporters throughout the years.

Jeff Sam - drums

Jeff Sam was the original drummer for the band, and band practice was held at his house sometimes twice a week.  His parents put up with a lot of noise in the early days.  Jeff wrote one of the first songs for the band called "Rock & Roll Music" with Ed.  He also designed the Satin Steel logo.  Jeff has stayed in touch over the years and still plays drums when he has the chance.  Jeff has been a great friend over the years and many great memories start with him.  Jeff lives with his family in Dayton, Ohio. 



Dan Law

What can be said about Dan Law?  He was a fan of Satin Steel from day one literally!  He always supported the band even when the band was terrible. "you guys are great" is what the band heard from Dan and his conifdence in them gave the guys the confidence they needed to progress.  Dan was also the first light man, flicking toggle switches on a home made light board (see picture).  Dan also joind the band in the studio and sang back up vocals on a few songs, he is the only official "fifth member" of the band.  Dan is a "true and dedicated" friend, and Satin Steel thanks him for the support he has given. Today, Dan lives in Erie with his family and is a professional photographer, he got his start photographing the band.

Kevin Mendenhall- drums

Kevin mendenhall was the third drummer for the band (this is starting to sound like Spinal Tap!) Kevin played on the very first demos and played a few gigs but moved back to his home town of Van Wert, Ohio after his job in the area was eliminated.  He then moved to Los Angeles where he played with his band he formed there.  They performed original material including a song written by Jamie, "Love You To Death".  He later played with Zakk Wyld before Zakk joined Ozzy Osborne. Today Kevin is back in Ohio with his family, he owns and operates Hayloft Studios.

Mike Learn - guitar

Today, Mike is still an active guitarist and so much more. Mike had recorded a few tracks with the band after Ed's accident and made a significant difference with the sound of Satin Steel. After recording with the band he moved on and joined Damien Steele, a local rival of Satin Steel. Mike is living out west where his life evolves around music and guitars.  Mike is also an amazing airbrush artist, he has done numerous customized paint jobs on guitars of many professional musicians and has been doing custom art for Jackson Guitars.  He had also designed and airbrushed an album cover for the band Megadeth.  Mike also has his own line of custom guitars called Learn Guitars and has celebrity endorcements.  Visit Mike here.  

Todd atwood / brian bran

Guitarist Todd Atwood was a Musicians Institue Graduate and it showed.  A native to the state of Indiana, moved to Hollywood, CA to pursue music.  He answerd an ad in Music Connection Magazine placed by the band before they moved out west.  Keith Clark flew out to Hollywood to meet and audition Todd and he was chosen to replace Ed Gangemi after his accident.  The band moved to Hollywood and met up with Todd and drummer Brian Bran and played one show together at the Troubador in West Hollywood.  Todd had an ability to write great riffs and was a incredible guitarist.  After the band diffused, contact with Todd and Brian has been lost.

Jeff Russel- drums

Jeff was an amazing drummer, he had great technique and a style all his own because he was influenced by all types of music.  In 2001, Jeff died from the health problems that prevented him from moving to Hollywood with the band. He was a good friend and is missed. R.I.P.

Scott Warner

Scott was a big supporter of the band. When the band over stayed their welcome at Jeff Sam's house for band practice, Scott and his parents let the band practice in their garage.  The band had a blast with Scott in their free time.  Scott was also a Stage Light Tech for the band and other local bands as well.

Ron Pesta

Captain Ron, an amazing guitarist in his own right helped the band in many ways.  He traveled to Cleveland, Ohio with the band to record the record. His credit on the record is co-engineer.  Although Ron lives in Youngstown, Ohio he and Ed stay in contact and have a project they work on called R.ed

Mike Dattilo - guitar

Mike replaced Jamie after Keith moved back to Erie from Hollywood.  Mike had a band together before joing Satin Steel and brought them along and completed the band with Keith.  After Satin Steel was disolved, Mike moved on and ended up playing guitar for Kevin Dubrow of Quiet Riot.   Mike Dattilo is now a well known guitar instructor.

cHRIS roDLER - guitar

Chris was in the last version of Satin Steel with Mike Datillo, Bobby Amendola and Keith.  Chris is an incredible musician, producer and engineer.  Chris played in Thundertruck an AC/DC tribute band with Jamie from 1990 to 1992.  Chris operates his own recording studio and Progressive Music Management and is a DJ on Rocket 101 midnight to 5:30am.  Chis is currently playing in a band with his brother called Razor Wine Shrine.

Bobby Amendola / Dave Sinn

Drummer Bobby Amendola and Guitarist Dave Sinn Played with Keith and Mike Dattilo in the last version of Satin Steel. They recorded together a 10 song CD that has never been released.  Bobby played with Mike in another band called Savage Heart before they joined forces with Keith. Dave was replaced with Chris Rodler.  Bobby is a Volunteer Fire Fighter and lives in the Harborcreek area with his family

Matt Clark


Little brother of Keith Clark, and the little brother to the whole band.  Matt has given of himself beyond the call of duty, his support over the years showed how much he believed in the band.  He continued to support Keith as he went out on his own and still supprts Keith to this day.  Matt is an example of a true brother.

Barb Clark

Mother of Keith, gave unlimited love and support for the band.  In later years the band practiced not only in her basement but also in her living room!  Barb was a big fan of the band, she could be seen at the shows cheering on the band and wearing a Satin Steel T-shirt.

Chris Clark



Older brother of Keith, put up with all the noise while he worked on his prized classic Mopar cars. Pictures were taken of the band posing around his racecar. THANK YOU CHRIS FOR YOUR SUPPORT!

John rainey

John supported the band in many ways, he always gave great advice and taught some great technique to the guys in the early days, John is also known for "wheeling and dealing" his old equipment to the guys at a good price.  John joined forces with Jamie in 1987 and formed the band Strutter.  John Rainey is still rocking these days in Florida as a solo artist fronting The John Rainey Project.


Dave was the ultimate Rodie.  He worked hard at helping out the band, Dave's first time working with the band was at the Battle of The Bands show in the early 80's.  From then on he was totally reliable and that made things a lot easier for the band.  You could ask Dave to do anything and his reply was "hey, no problem."  His support is appreciated and remembered.

Preston Lindey

Preston Lindey is an amazing guitar teacher, he gave lessons to Ed, Keith and Jamie and helped them to develop their style.  Preston is still teaching guitar today and is also producing local bands.

A special THANK YOU to all the supporters of Satin Steel who may not be on this list.  You know who you are!  Please contact us and tell us your Satin Steel story, we will include it on this site!