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I remember…Is a section of this site for people to write about their experiences and memories with Satin Steel.

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...So much happened in so short a time!
-I Meet Ed in '81 when I got a job at the Burger King he was working at. For me, was a temporary thing as I was going to electronic school. Ed and I hit it off right away talking about guitars and music. He'd told me he was in a band but I didn't really start to hang out with Ed outside of work till '82. This was when I first met the whole band. Came to several of your practices in the basement of one of your homes.


- In '83...I remember Ed talking about losing your drummer. I mentioned I had an old friend on mine who was pretty good and might be interested. That I'd been jamming with him for a couple of years. Joel Guntrum. 

- You guys had asked me then if I'd be your sound engineer. I remember attempting to work with the tiny mixer that was being used in the practice space...just wasn't able to do much with it! I believe this ended up being the monitor mixer. Plus, with school during the day and working evenings...I wasn't available.

-Battle of the Bands: I helped roadie for that. Had my brother Dave help out too. Was the first show I saw you play.  Shortly after that...Ed asked again if I'd do sound for you guys as you were starting to get a lot of shows lined up. As Joel was now part of the band, my brother Dave was helping out and I was done with school...I accepted. But only after learning you had a better mixer!

- Clayspace Show: I was dating a girl named Maggie during this time and took her to the show. I didn't roadie or do sound...was just there. You guys were so pumped knowing that Carlos Cavazo from Quiet Riot was coming to play with you guys. Sweet show!  From then on till early ', just a blur of work and shows and work and shows. Some excellent places and some real challenges!

- Greengarden Tavern: HA! What...2 songs in and they paid us to leave!

- The Corner Bar in Ripley, NY was almost always our best gigs. The first one...well...there weren't many people there! After that...more and more folks started coming. By the third show there, place was pretty packed! I always remember getting out of work, driving to Ripley...doing a 10 minute sound check with you guys (you ALWAYS hated that!) and waiting for the people to start showing up. Dave, Matt and Spud already had things setup, so I just needed to get the acoustics set at a starting point. Why the short sound check? Simple...once the basic sound was all would be nearly useless once the place was packed with people. This is why I spent all my time on the board...tweaking the audio and kicking in the echo for some of the songs (remember that echo unit? sweet!).

- Ripley is the place where you guys first started to gets nuts with the running around with the wireless guitars. With Ed running outside, across the street or Keith and Jamie jumping onto cars parked outside the door. The crowd loved it!  Ripley is also the place where Jamie first started to hand off his guitar to me at the board and dance on the floor with the girls. Ed, Keith and Jes had no idea it was me playing some of those songs. Ed is still surprised when I tell him this! You did this at several other places as well but not as much as at Ripley. I had fun! The crowd near the board didn't know what to think of it though! 

- Early '85: I'd broken up with Maggie and really felt the need to get away. My job offered me the opportunity to move to Ohio with a promotion and more money. I made the move...and more than even missing Maggie...I knew I was going to miss working with the band the most.

 - Seneca: when I heard about the Seneca High gig and how big the place was...I made arrangements to come into town to be the sound engineer for you guys. I knew that a place as large as what I was told would be a challenge and I was determined to keep your sound as good I could get it. Yes, it was a challenge! Best part of the show...after a few songs...watching the kids start to come up to the stage edge! Oh...and the pyro flash pots stuff nearly catching the ceiling curtains on fire. During my time with you, this was the biggest place and biggest crowd the band played for.

- Afterwards: did sound once more. You had another sound man...can't remember his name...but I'd came into town for another gig at Ripley and he asked if I'd like to take over the board. You guys didn't know I was there and were part way through a song in the second set. As I re-adjusted the sound (wasn't real good when I got there!) you guys all noticed it. Before the next song...Ed and Jamie realized it was me behind the board and things just rocked the rest of the night. Best way to explain the change...I got there, no one on the dance floor. After 15 minutes...floor packed with people. Nuff said… Sometimes I feel that if I'd still been working with the band and at that pool party...things wouldn't have gone the way they did.

Through all the brother Dave was there for you guys. Setting up, tearing down and a lot of early morning breakfasts with you all. He enjoyed working with you as much as I did and spent much more time (as I didn't have that time) making sure things were where they should be and the show would be the best it could be.

-Ron Pesta


  -I remember when Ed was sick with a cold and for his b-day Jamie and I bought him a microphone and brought it over to his house and he plugged it in and he started screaming into it and his Mom was like "what is going on?"  I also remember Light Man Fergie Ferguson joining us on stage and jamming with us with his portable light board.

-I remember Ed booked us at the Caboose in Fredonia, NY on Mothers Day.  That is when my brother Matty shot off the flashpots that melted my pants, I had holes in the butt of my pants!  Speaking of flashpots, I remember the frequent circut breaker / fusebox outages we caused at the Corner Bar in Ripley, NY because of these flashpots.  I also remember when Jamie and I would throw our guitars across the stage at each other and catch each others guitar and keep playing!  Jamie would also "kill" me on stage with his Flying V guitar.

-I remember opening for Talas, with Billy Sheehan long before he made it big with David Lee Roth.  I remember The Chopper Bass Solo, I did this by tuning down the E string on my bass and making it sound like a chopper.  This was the intro to Judas Priest's Livin' After Midnight.

-I remember recording some demos in my bedroom on a 4 track recorder with George Jordan playing lead.

-I remember making the drive to to Hollywood in less than 3 days, we did this buzzing on Jolt Cola.  We started out with a snow storm chasing us across the country, we had snow from Erie to Arizona. 

-After we moved to Los Angeles we didn't get an apartment in Hollywood right away, a rehursal space was the first  priority and we lived in it for a while, It was in East LA.  We lived off oranges bought from Mexicans on the off-ramps and "Satin Steel Donuts"  which was bread rolled into balls then put in a bag of sugar and shaken.  We also ate a lot of rice made on a hot plate that was a fire hazard, we had to shorten the cord each time it caught fire.  It was difficult trying to sleep while other bands rehursed. I remember bathing in the rehursal space bathroom.

-I remember going to the filming of the TV show Solid Gold and stepping over the homeless sleeping on the sidewalks of Hollywood Blvd.

                                                                                             Keith Clark

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