Sasquatch Bigfoot Research Unit

Home Headquarters: Greencastle, Indiana

Welcome to the S.B.R.U.'s new website. We are working on building and updating our new website right now! Check back soon for updates! For now, check our other website out... http://www.myspace.com/sasquatchbigfoot


The S.B.R.U.-Sasquatch Bigfoot Research Unit has been together since 2002. We have members from numerous states. Our two lead investigators, Austin and Tyler, are from Indiana and run the home headquarters. We have gotten sound recordings, found footprints, hairs, and even seen this creature, and much more evidence. We have received much knowledge and put tons of hard work into investigating bigfoot.

We are very privileged to live in Indiana. Most people think of bigfoot being in the NorthWest part of the U.S. But this amazing creature is all over. Indiana is a very big hot spot. There is many places that are unbelievable in Indiana for the sasquatch. There is a big history of sightings throughout Indiana. Such as Kosciusko County, Morgan-Monroe State Forest, Fallen Rock, and Putnam County. Most of our research is held in Greencastle, IN because we started young and couldn't get around to other places. But now our unit is growing and starting to move throughout the U.S. But almost all of our unbelievable experiences have came right out of Greencastle.

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