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Most recent update ...... 25.12.2014.


For some time now only the WILDTHING 46 has been available, this is because we have been cutting back on our activities.

For over 33 years we have been the U.Ks only full time manufacturer of slope soarers, though for several years when we were on the show scene we demonstrated the efficiency of our models with O.S 15s or Graupner Speet 600 electric up front and sold many such variants. Sadly and regretably this activity must now cease.

I have thoroughly enjoyed the majority of the last 33 years sharing my hobby with thousands of customers and would obviously like to thank them for making my business such a success as well all the demonstration pilots who have done my models proud and my material suppliers without whom there would have been no production at all!!

I had planned to cease my mail order business 31.12.14 but have been slow in updating this website so have extended the date to 31.01.15 to give those who had promised to treat themselves to a WILDTHING 46 soon, a full month to do so - subject to availability.

I have always enjoyed flying with several of my models in the sky at one time (26 on one occasion with the MAA on one of their holidays up in Yorkshire), but get no satisfaction in outflying someone with an inferior model, so would like to take this opportunity to invite any serious manufacturer to take over the production of any of my models so as to avoid poor copies/rip offs appearing on the scene.      I wiil update this page with any forthcoming information on this situation.

I hope to see many of you on the slopes for years to come. Thanks once again to everyone who has added in any way to the success of my business, the pleasure it has given to me, and to my customers who have given such positive feedback - often not in words, but by the smiles on their faces.


For a bit of fun -See the three videos of some of our old models out of dozens that can be seen on Youtube.

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