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Welcome to Saru-World!

What is Saru-World?

Saru-World is a non-profit Ape Escape fan-site that is dedicated to the following:

1) Keeping up to date and share with the latest Ape Escape news.

2) Providing reliable and accurate information about Ape Escape to North American fans and making sure that itís legitimate.

3) Supporting fans who contribute to the Ape Escape franchise by drawing fanart, making videos and etc.

5) Discussing and sharing Ape Escape-related content.

6) Supporting and respecting Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. (SCEI) for making a wonderful video game franchise that has been a big influence on gamers and gaming culture since its debut in 1999.

7) Warmly welcoming new fans of the series and people who never heard of Ape Escape before. There is always room for more.

8) Serving as the unofficial North American website of the Ape Escape series until Sony creates one.