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It is better to deserve honours and have none, than to have them and not deserve them



Sarjette GSD, KC Registered Breeders.


Updates to: Sarjette News:

                      Tiger and Vinnies Show placings, Sarjette News


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                      "B" Litter update.


Welcome to our website,  Sarjette GSD  are myself Steve, my wife Gill and our two Children Sarah and Jamie.

We have three Gsd's at the moment, Queen Ebony Diamond at Sarjette,(Bitch), Tiger lilly Princess of Sarjette, (Bitch) and our latest addition Sarjette Argonought, (Dog).

Both myself and Gill have had dogs most of our lives and both have a real love for GSD's and so do our Children. Our Daughter Sarah is a competant and confident handler and has done an excellent job showing Tiger at open show level and has started off well showing Vinnie, (Sarjette Argonought) at Championship show level.

Frequent visitors will be aware that their are changes happening to the website as we are updating pages and adding new pages/information, one such page is Doggie Dangers, a useful page for ALL dog owners as it not only covers foods to avoid, but also plants and other information worth noting.

Further changes to the site will be happening so keep popping back to see what is new.


(^)Tigerlilly Princess of Sarjette.

(^)Sarjette Argonought

(^)Queen Ebony Diamond at Sarjette



Animated Sarjette GSD sign designed by Luke Wade (Kyloni GSD's).




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