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Handfast - To tie the knot.


The term is derived from the verb
to handfast, used in middle to Early Modern English for the making of a Contract of Marriage. The term is originally from Old Norse hand-festa "to strike a bargain by joining hands."

Getting hitched!

Chris and I met in 2006, we moved in with each other virtually straight away, and have two beautiful boys. Even so, it's taken us till now to get hitched. Most of the time, it was the cost of getting married holding us back, but we finally decided to just do it. We had a small legal bit at Hanley Reg Office, I wore a dress that cost me less than £8 altogether from ebay, but it was a great day!

The boys ran up to us as soon as we walked out!

I match the curtains!

The happy couple

Our Handfasting 2nd October 2010

We decided that what we'd really like to do, was have a handfasting. Our paths lean in that direction, increasingly day by day. It felt perfect and right, so after much searching we found the fantastic Druid Cat Treadwell and her partner James to perform our handfasting on Meerbrook village green.

Cat and James are wonderful people, full of wisdom and kind words. They made our day extra special. Here is Cat's Page: They also put up in touch with a fantastic photographer, Robyn, who provided photos of our celebration for us.

We were kindly allowed to rent Meerbrook Village Hall, and use the Green, we tried to hand make as much as possible and instead of wedding gifts, we asked all the guests to bring a favourite dish to the reception. This was very successful. Everyone was so generous, and the food was fantastic. This has lead to the Handfasting Recipe Book being produced in aid of SANDS.

This is the altar, Cat kindly made a beautiful loaf to share amongst our guests as the first meal together. My friend Dawn, made some mead to share as the first drink, and Di made the beautiful handfasting scarf to tie our hands together. The large candle is our candle to burn in times of disagreement  - to encourage us to talk things through, and the smaller candles were held by 4 of our friends, in the four directions, North, South, East and West.

The candles are from one of our favourite places in Wales - The craft centre at Corris.

A family picture!

Our ceremony beneath the Roaches, fantastic.

Everyone enjoying the foooood!

Another lovely pic by Robyn

Sharing the handfasting bread and mead.

The circle of guests.

Visiting each of our directions.

Our handfasting 2nd October 2010.

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