Welcome to the home of the Sandusky Tactical Assault Team - S.T.A.T.  We are an established milsim oriented airsoft team based out of Sandusky, Ohio. We are dedicated to advancing the sport of airsoft through safety, honor, sportsmanship, teamwork, community involvement, and cheeky shenanigans.


Recent Updates

27 October 2015 - Event History and Roster pages updated.  Also welcome our newest member Masen aka "Shirtless" to the team.

26 August 2015 - I've been slacking on updating and for that I apologize. I have a ton of event updates and such to get to and just haven't had the time.  I promise I will get to that but in the meantime know we've had a great year and at the moment are getting ready for Blind Fury and Irene. Any questions for us?  Feel free to hit us up on Facebook, as we update that a hell of a lot more frequently than the website. - FT

28 May 2014 - Well we're all recovered from Lightning Strike.  Crossfire and Nomad - being the troopers that they are - decided to tackle the madness that was OP: Crucible III the very next weekend and assist the UET forces to victory.  Event history page updated accordingly.

Sometime between LS, Crucible, and now, Crossfire was able to complete the OP: Lightning Strike V teaser video. Badassness abounds.  Check it out!

Fat Tony has officially signed on to be an XO for one of the factions at OP: Blind Fury 11.  We are also tossing around the idea of attending OP: Phantom Fury in New Jersey this September.

21 April 2014 - If you haven't already, check out the S.T.A.T. Facebook.  If that's not enough nonsense you'll surely get your fill with these S.T.A.T. Videos.  As for us, we are currently gearwhoring and stroking our murder boners in anticipation of OP: Lightning Strike.

02 April 2014 - It's been a busy year so far with members attending several events and open plays (see events section for details.)  We are also in the process of ordering new patches which should be bad ass.  Gearing up for OP: Rising Flame at River Bottom Assault this weekend!

Recent Photos