Sandpiper Sailboat

Sandpiper 565 - sail RICH ...on a little BIG boat


Originally conceptualized in Europe during the early 1970's as a coastal sailing vessel, the Sandpiper 565 design found its way to Canada, where the boat was manufactured for the North American market.  As a high quality, seaworthy classic sailboat, all fittings exceed the ususal specs for a sailboat of this size.  The resultant durability and dependability means sailin' RICH, in enjoyment as well as coin. 

A scant 5.65 meters in length, the Sandpiper is easily trailered and sailed by expert and novice alike.  She may be little, but she sails BIG, accommodating four adults easily in both cockpit and saloon.  Generous cockpit coamings, coupled with a broad beam, render the sailing ride dry and comfortable.  A nifty 300lb. keel retracts into the hull, allowing the boat to float in water a mere 10 inches in depth.  As a result, resting beachside is simple and easy.

And these boats are safe, too.  Positive flotation, appropriate sail-to-weight ratios, and a thick fibreglass hull, all serve to foster a relaxed sense of confidence while sailing.  Said differently, ..."they just simply make good ol' sailin' boats". 

An extensive support network of enthusiasts is active on the Net.  Participants are energetic, supportive and keen when it comes to providing technical advice, or just talking about Piper sailing.  How kewel is that?

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