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Blue Thunder Generator

This is an accessory that no serious toy steamer should be without. Made in America by Psantama, it is a high end quality generator that puts similar commercially produced items firmly in the shade.

 Each generator is hand built and finished to the highest standard. Reports from proud owners world wide confirm just how good this machine really is.

 I would recommend Blue Thunder to anyone interested in a quality steam toy accessory. More information can be found at

You will find Peter (Psantama) will answer any questions you have and will ship to any corner of the world.

Wilesco D56 Workshop

I have recently acquired this early Wilesco D56 Workshop. It requires a good clean up and there are a few dinks on the saw table.

 With a bit of polish and TLC, this little workshop should turn out fine.

Wilesco M57 Line Shaft

I came by this Wilesco M57 Line Shaft in a prize draw on the forum. It was a stroke of luck at just the right time as I am building up tools to make some workshops of my own.

Wilesco Tools

The Wilesco tools below came to me via my good friend Benchmark, who lives in Denmark

They are all in very good condition, and I plan on mounting them on a nice wooden base soon.



Mamod Acessories

These rather well used accessories were bought as a job lot. They will require extensive refurbishment before they are put to work. Any work is all surface, and these tools will look really well when repainted and polished up.


Mamod Workshop WS1

This little Mamod workshop was acquired some time ago, but I've never had time to work on it. I plan to rectify that soon. It is in good playworn condition, and will not take a lot of work to put it into show condition.

Bowman Saw

This Bowman Saw came to me along with a Bowman engine I purchased. It is well used, but I think it wears its scars with distinction. I do not plan to touch this old saw, as I like it just the way it is.


This little SEL saw is a favourite of mine. It came with its box along with an engine I bought from ebay. It is in good condition, and I do not plan on doing much to it other than giving it a rub with a duster.