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More Engines

Mersey 52-R 

I have just acquired a stunning Mersey 52-R in wonderful condition. Even the wooden base is perfect.

I do not intend to do anything other than clean, polish and lubricate it. I will also preserve the base with an application of beeswax.

 It came with all the parts including box, fillers, instructions and Mersey leaflet.

 I consider myself very lucky to have this beautiful example of British Mersey quality in my collection

Mersey 53-GR

This is my latest purchase and is a Mersey 53-GR. It is quite a bit bigger than the 52 and has a four wick burner as opposed to a three wick.

It is in great condition and will only require a clean and polish. (Crossed fingers)

I intend to tackle this engine after the one above, and hope to have both ready for the STIA in February.

Both engines will be test steamed shortly and the resulting video will be posted on the forum.

Jensen 25G

This is my Jensen 25G.                                                                     

It required extensive restoration as the base and the steam line had been cut. Also the tag and generator was missing.

This American engine is renowned for its power and its quality engineering.

It is electrically powered and this particular engine has the 240 volt heater that allows me to use it without a transformer.