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Limited Edition Mamod TE

Here is the latest of my acquisitions. It's a limited edition Fred Dibnah Mamod TE. This came to me via the forum complete, boxed and in brand new condition. It sits well with my black and brass Wilesco.

My Mobiles.

 Wilesco T.E.


This was my first steam model and the start of my collection.

 It is also my wifes favourite.

 It was built from a kit and enjoys pride of place on diplay in the living room.

 I will never steam it as it is far too pretty.



Mamod TE1A


This beautiful Traction engine was the engine I always wanted as a boy.

I bought it on ebay and it came fully boxed and in mint condition.

It remains as one of my favourite engines and a corner stone of my collection.

Hornby Rocket


My pride and joy this one. I swapped my Mamod SL3 and coaches for this one and I'm very proud of it.

It came boxed and in mint condition, with an extra box of track and two sets of points.

It has never been fired and is a favourite of the missus as well.

Mamod SA1




This is my Mamod SA1. Date of manufacture about 1976, it was one of the first made.

I bought this one from ebay and it is totally original.

I've never steamed it , and it is as I bought it a few years ago.

 Mamod SR1A


I bought this little roller on a whim and never managed to get round to cleaning it up.


It needs a really good going over and a bit of restoration to make it right.


Once I catch up with my other commitments, I'm sure I'll have it looking fine.