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My Mamods

Mamod SE1 (Flatbase)

This engine was bought off ebay and was sold on behalf of Oxfam.

The base was badly scorched and I had to get a close match in order to save the decal.

 It was worth it at the end of the day as it turned out fine.

 It was also the first flatbase in my collection.




Mamod Minor 2


I bought this engine at the S.T.I.A and it was in a sorry state,

 It was covered in household paint and required a full restoration.

 It was well worth the effort as it came up well.

 t's my only Mamod with a brass flywheel.





Mamod Minor 1 (Disc Crank)

 I bought the first of these little engines right at the start of my collecting. As I bought quite a few engines at the time, I forgot about it till I bought another some time later.

 Both have been restored, but did not need much more than cleaning.

 I believe these engines are quite understated and make a delightful addition to any collection.

 Another advantage of these engines is that they can be bought relatively cheaply.


Mamod Minor 1

 I Bought this lovely little Mamod Minor 1 on ebay for very little. It was in a sorry state with black paint all over and bodged resoldering work.

It has now been fully restored and looks more like the engine she is supposed to be.

A nice addition to the collection for very little outlay.

Mamod SE1

 This engine was bought for one reason only. To have fun.

It has been steamed time after time and always gives a great deal of pleasure. It runs perfectly and is high on my favourites list.

There has been nothing at all done to this engine, and is how I received it.


Mamod SE2


This one was bought for the same reason as the SE1. For pure steam fun.

It's a great runner and I really enjoy it.

Again nothing has been done to this engine and it is as I won it on ebay. I hold this one in high esteem as well.

Mamod SP1


This is the most modern Mamod I have. It has only been cleaned.

It was bought again on a whim, and because I liked it.

Again, real value for money.

Mamod MEC 1


This little engine came via ebay again and was real value for money. It was made for Meccano and is very versatile.

These engines are well known for their power. That's surprising considering their size.

This one was bought for pure fun and I won't touch her other than cleaning.