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Marklin 4097-5

This is my latest acquisition. It's a Marklin 4097/5


It needs extensive refurbishment as it's been badly repainted.

It also needs work done on the boiler end caps.


I'm placing it here just now.


I've a lot on the back burner, and it will have to take its turn.



Doll 368/1

This lovely little Doll has recently come into my collection and is the first of the make to feature in the steamshack

Dating around 1930, it is in good condition and runs well on air. I will steam it shortly and put the resulting video in the video gallery.


Falk 1442/0

This little engine is dated before the first world war.

It is stamped "Made in Germany" and also the initials J.F. (Joseph Falk)

I don't plan on doing anything to this little engine as it's in remarkable condition, and runs beautifully

Fleischmann 125-2

Dated about 1966, this example is nearly mint.

It came via ebay and was one of my bargain buys.

I haven't steamed it as yet, but I plan to rectify that soon.

Fleischmann 130/2


This large Fleischmann 130/2 engine came to me recently.

I was very lucky to acquire it, and it fits nicely with the direction my collection is taking.

I've steamed it and it goes well. All it requires is a minor leak fixed  and a bit of TLC.

Bing No 130

This fine engine was acquired with the help of my german friend Mirko. Dated around 1912-1915, it's one of my recent purchases.

 I've had this one running on air and it goes beautifully.

It will sit well with the rest of my growing German collection.

Marklin 4136

I bought this Marklin 4136 at an STIA. It has been repainted (Not by me) and the chimney is not original. It is dated around 1920.

This engine is one of my favourites and performs perfectly every time. Plenty of power and speed with this one.

 I plan to leave it exactly as it is. The paint job is not too bad.

Marklin 95


Bought this marklin 95 from a friend in Germany. Although it has a bit of paint damage, it runs perfectly well.

It sits well with my German collection of engines, and it has all it's original bits and pieces including the all important chimney and burner.

 I do not intend to do much to this engine. A minor clean up will do for this pre war beauty.

Marklin 405/6.5

Dated about 1926, this Marklin is my only vertical boilered engine. It came to me via ebay, and is only missing its chimney. The one it sports now is a fair replica though.

This being a fairly vintage engine, I will not be doing anything to it at all.

 It runs perfectly and is one of my favourite engines.