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You have reached the old home page of the Positive Evolution website, navigate back to the new homepage by using the link above that says GO BACK TO NEW HOME PAGE! From there you can navigate to all the pages on this old website as well as all the new pages on the new website. If you just want to stay on this site you will need to use the links below. Thanks :)

i have tried to keep the navigation of this site as simple as possible. there are nearly 100 pages on this site now! here is what you will find and where.

our planet - information on looking after our planet.

our people - information on what people can do.

positive vibes - positive and inspirational words.

sustainability - information on renewable energy and sustaining our lifestyle.

wellbeing - information on maintaining good mental and physical health.

goddess within - reawakening the inner goddess and goddesses from history.

travellers - history of new age traveller culture, information on the travelling lifestyle and photographs of live-in vehicles.

drugs - information on common recreational drugs and the dangers of drug taking.

being creative - my photography, writing, artwork, as well as other people's creativity and levellers inspired tattoos.

protests - information and photos of some of the protests i get involved in.

music - a bit about my favourite bands, other music, write ups and my photographs from gigs i go to.

festivals - write ups and loads of my photographs from all the festivals i go to.

ancient places - information and lots of my pictures of stone circles, long barrows, castles, forests and mountains in the UK and beyond.

our van conversion - how we converted a transit van to a camper van.

my photography - as an amateur photographer there are loads of my photographs all over this site but this page shows some of the best.

my diary - my incoherent ramblings!

my guestbook - please leave a comment.

links - a huge amount of links related to all the pages on this site - sorry if some are out of date!



Don't go through life, grow through life.


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