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Its an intuitive and inspired process.

    Angel Whispers you have clicked here for a reason .     


  Angel Readings

Spirit Messages

Please continue down the page to gain wisdom on what the angels wish to share with you all.

This is a Free Site and all Services are offered on a donation basis.     

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About Angel Whispers

Founder Samantha Sutherland has been a spiritual medium/healer for 30+ years.  From a very young age she has communicated with the spirit world and unseen energy of love and light.

  Samantha has helped over 12,000 people during her years working as a healer and will continue to do. At present(2017) she receives over 1200+ requests for healing alone per year.




 Angel Readings are words of wisdom from your higher guides giving you enlightenment on your journey .  It covers all aspects of your life from home to career  Next 6 months as future is always changing . A glimse into your past and what path you are on, explaining what your lessons are while you are here.  So come treat yourself to some insight you may not have known or are asking to find out. 

The question you need to be asking now is How Much Are You Worth?

(£10, £50, £100 or £1 million)

Buy exchanging your money for any of the above you will receive its value returned to you tenfold by the universe as you connect back to your soul being.

Remember all money you donate goes to helping others who can not help themselves at this time.

  I.e Children, animals and the environment


Spiritual Healing is done via Distant Telepathic Communication on a soul level.  Samantha engages with your spirit guide and asks on your behalf for the highest  and best outcome for your being.  The Spirits do their work on your Spiritual Blueprint which then imprints and filters down through the Chakra and Auric systems enabling your Mind, Body and Spirit to connect as one.




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