Princeton Open 2008


 The Princeton Open 2008 Was a HUGE Success!!!!
Thanks to everyone who participated and helped!

Here are the final Results:

 2x2: Mitchell Stern (5.66), Alex Cook (6.95), Alex Yu (7.03)

3x3: Harris Chan (13.18), Sy-Dar Liou (13.60), Mitchell Stern (13.87)

3x3OH: Harris Chan (23.92), Michael Gottlieb (25.07), Mitchell Stern (26.48)

3x3BLD: Alex Yu (1:00.62 World Record!), Sy-Dar Liou (1:45.84),  Alex Cook (2:00.11)

 4x4: Michael Gottlieb (1:03.83), Mitchell Stern (1:13.55), Jason Baum (1:14.46)

Square-1: Takao Hashimoto (26), Jason Baum, Noah Ehrich

Pyraminx: Michael Gottlieb (12.81), Rhodri Mativo (12.88), Gavin Nelson (14.26)

Magic: Sam Boyles (1.32), Raiza Mativo (1.37), Doowon Joo (1.42)

Master Magic: Sam Boyles (2.87, 2.22 NaR), Rhodri Mativo (3.69), Jonathan Choi (4.02)

FMC: Anthony Hsu (41), Erik Johnson (45), Stanley Wong (46)

MultiBLD: Alex Yu (3/3 11:18), Alex Cook (2/2 10:03), Anthony Hsu (2/2 13:58)


Hope to see everyone in the fall! 


Princeton Public Library

65 Witherspoon Street

Princeton, New Jersey 08544 

 Time: 9:30 -5:30 (9-6)

Date: Saturday, March 22nd

 WCA Delegate: Bob Burton

3/9/08 -If anyone has a timer + Display, please bring that!

Any willing scramblers for square 1, please email me!!! 

BIG CHANGE, THE STREET ADDRESS WAS ORIGINALLY WRONG, IT IS AT 65 Witherspoon Street, the Princeton Public Library

Events - 2x2x2, 3x3x3, 3x3x3 OH, 3x3x3 BLD, 4x4x4, 5x5x5, Magic, Master Magic, Pyraminx, 4x4x4 BLD, 5x5x5 BLD, 3x3x3 Multi-BLD/FMC


REMINDER: If you have a WCA account please tell me so i can put a link to it on the registration form.