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"Need help with a problem that needs smoothing out?"

Schooling I feel is overlooked by many as getting someone in to ride and 'teach' your horse for you, whether it is that you are unable to ride or there are problems that you cannot correct yourself, schooling is not just for the horse but the handler too.
There is often much, much more to schooling than people may realise; from teaching a youngster to pick up it's feet, to walk in hand, lunging, breaking them in, teaching a horse to stand quietly at a mounting block, flying changes and shoulder in, improving the jumping technique, exercise while you are away be it at work or on holiday, a problem with a bucker or rearer or simply just teaching them to load

... the list is endless !!
Whenever possible I enjoy helping horse and rider learn together and from each other, helping the rider to school as I would to achieve the goals themselves. I will only ride as a last resort - it is all too easy to give up and let me 'jump in the saddle and do it' if there is a problem.However the rider needs to be able to do it as well. When schooling from the ground whatever the problem I will first spend a few minutes with the horse getting a little trust built up and then assess the issues and work with the horse showing you what I am doing and when the time is right let you take over and continue teaching you with the horse.

I understand that every horse - like us - are very different and will need a different approach, what works for one horse may not work for the other. Whatever schooling issue it is you have time and patience is so important, but more than that trust which is why I like to help horse and rider combinations to get things just right. Please call me to discuss your horses requirements

"If your horse says no, you either asked the wrong question, or asked the question wrong." 

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