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Murder in the Mansion


Copyright Aaron 'Creator' Reale-Key

Another one of my games made with AGS. This one actually has a point.Unfortunately I'm not good at drawing, but at least it has a story.

Download Here (.zip format) (Freewebs) (Version: 1.2)

2 people enter into  a mansion.
The owner of the mansion does not need it anymore and is letting people he's met in his life have a chance and grabbing all the cash in the mansion, and the mansion itself.
Murders and such start happening. As is usual everyone start's suspecting someone as the most likley murderer.
Is it the Butler, the Golfer or the Ninja?
How will these people escape from the mansion and who or what is killing in the first place?

Ctrl-S: If the music is getting annoying at that particular moment (excluding when the game is blocked) press this button combo to stop current playing music.
Arrow Keys: Control the player.
Enter: Press this at the title menu to enter the game.
Esc: Show Iconbar for Saving, Loading etc. (please do not press at title screen because the mouse isn't visible)
Mouse: Move cursor, skipping text, clicking on things etc. Clicking on yourself when in danger can sometimes reveal startling results.

Also thanks to Mark 'm0ds' Lovegrove for letting me use some of his music in my game.

Some Screenies:


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