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Everything will here will remain here, but otherwise I'm moving to  another site. Still on the server, but still another website entirely. I'm working on a different game all together and other projects as well as my studies. A link will be posted below when the other site is ready to go.


Murder in the Mansion II's first puzzle is complete (it takes about 10 minutes if you know what you're doing) and I have ideas for continuing the story, so consider Murder in the Mansion II an on-going project. It will be completed eventually, but I have no idea when. If you would like to be a play tester, fill out the recruitment form and specify so.

Development of Murder in the Mansion II is still happening... slowly. It's one of those things you start, then get doing something else and then forget about. Well, MitM II's development has picked back up. A recruitment form has been added to the contents bar so if you have some AGS experience (only really neccesary for coding help, but still prefered), and want to help Creator out, fill it out.
Oh, FYI, it's voluntary. No paychecks.

Aaron (Creator) has started a professional programming course focussed on games specifically. Keep an eye on updates from now on as games (at least the development of them) should be more complex.

The 'Murder in the Mansion' patch is now available. Considering what I've done, it could have been completed sooner. The story is a little changed and the butlers sprites have been totally revamped. Check it out on the games page or download it here if you want.

LOTLR Demo and all machinima undownloadable due to File Front doing something. The machinima is uploaded at YouTube here and LOTLR will be available upon request. Just email us and it'll be sent.

The butler (stick figure) from 'Murder in the Mansion' is getting a texture upgrade in 'Murder in the Mansion II'. The butler will actually look like a person instead of a stick. To explain this (and keep continuity), Creator will release a patch which will edit the butler's textures in 'Murder in the Mansion' (among other things) making the transition from 'Murder in the Mansion' to 'Murder in the Mansion II' invisible. You will still be able to download and play 'Murder in the Mansion' in it's original release form and the patch will be a seperate download. It's your choice to patch it.
A new post will appear when patch is available.

Confirmed patch features:
                                       New butler textures
                                       New butler walk-cycles
                                       New butler talking animations
                                       New butler stabbing animations
                                       Doubled resolution (320x200 - 640x400)
                                       Dialog changes
                                       Continuity fixes

Other patch ideas:
                            More story
                            More gameplay
                            More interaction on hotspots

Texture preview:




As for a new update: Creator has started developing 'Murder in the Mansion II'. It's going to  actually delve more into the story than the first did, and you will actually get to fight with and capture the spirits mentioned in the first. This is the second game in a planned series of 3. Screenshots and story snippets will be available shortly.

Because Freewebs only allows up to 100 MB of file storage space, we have had to upload additional files to FileFront instead. All future files will be from FileFront. We have uploaded a new song which is available from FileFront via the Music section.

The latest LOTLR demo has been uploaded to how much I got done before abandoning it. It is limited edition and offers some cheats after completing everything I've done. Any cheats not found in game will be available from the forums in a few weeks. I just need to gather all the code together. In other news I am concentrating on putting my effort into other games and my studies. Untill next time... happy gaming.

Haven't updated in a while. Anyway, if you haven't noticed LOTLR has been abandoned as a RPG and it's page removed. I will most likely resume it at a later date. In the meantime I have finished another game, Murder in the Mansion (MitM), which will be available in a few hours so just keep watching the AGS Forum under Completed Game Announcements.
EDIT - Old Forums and Recruitment page removed. Freewebs forum added.

Salmond-Key Productions was founded by Aaron Reale-Key and Justin Salmond in November 2005.
The called themselves 'Salmond-Key Productions' when they made '***** ***** **** New York City' in January 2006 (movie name is * due to copyright laws).
They had made movies before this, but never thought of a company name.

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