Saline Swamp Coonhounds


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About me:

I've been in the coonhunting world since I was a young teen. My uncle bought a nice gyp from a local hunter for my friend and I that stayed with him for a couple of summers and worked with him farming.  Only a few months went by and he had a stroke and had to sell off alot of his belongings. My Grandfather purchased this dog for me and I was hooked.  I hunted her until she died and bought a few other scrubs after her that I didn't hunt a whole lot because of my (wife now) kept me tied down back then. I took a few years off and when my children started getting older I decided this would be a good time to get back in the business and hopefully have another generation of hunters well on thier way.  I also have several nephews that I would like to get started to keep them outta trouble. Thanks for visiting this site.

Thad Stewart (318) 576-3078