sadiring pagisip

ang sadiring pag-isip ang dalan sa katotoohan


But then what is philosophy today--philosophical activity to mean--if it is not the critical work that thought brings to bear on itself? In what does it consist, if not in the endeavor to know how and to what extent it might be possible to think differently, instead of legitimating what is already known? (Michel Foucault)

"Philosophy is to be studied, not for the sake of any definite answers to its questions, since no definite answers can, as a rule, be known to be true, but rather for the sake of the questions themselves; because these questions enlarge our conception of what is possible, enrich our intellectual imagination and diminish the dogmatic assurance which closes the mind against speculation; but above all because, through the greatness of the universe which philosophy contemplates, the mind also is rendered great, and becomes capable of that union with the universe which constitutes its highest good."

--Bertrand Russell, The Problems of Philosophy

Philosophy is a battle against the bewitchment of intelligence by means of language. [Ludwig Wittgenstein]

What is your aim in philosophy? To show the fly the way out of the fly-bottle. [Ludwig Wittgenstein]

If those arrangements were to disappear as they appeared, if some event of which we can at the moment do no more than sense the possibility--without knowing either what its form will be or what it promises--were to cause them to crumble, as the ground of Classical thought did, at the end of the eighteenth century, then one can certainly wager that man would be erased, like a face drawn in sand at the edge of the sea. [Michel Foucault]

To know that you do not know is the best

Not to know that you do not know is a disease

Only when one recognizes this disease as a disease can one be free from the disease

The sage is free from the disease

He recognizes this disease as a disease

That's why he is free from the disease.

                                                           Lao Tzu

The Master said: "Zilu, shall I teach you what wisdom (zhi) means? To know what you know and know what you do not know---this then is wisdom."