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Your first-stop resource for playing table-top games & meeting gamers in Sacramento County!

Whether your thing is classic board games, new strategy games, Euro-board games, party games, cards, CCGs, RPGs, trivia or miniature wargames, if you live in or near Sacramento County, Calif., this is the place to find a local group, store or club right for you!

The sites below will help you find fellow gamers, try out some new games, and generally have a great time.  

We have at least one gaming event each week, both "open gaming" nights (bring-your-own-fave-games) and game-specific events (i.e. Scrabble or Magic the Gathering, etc.).

Event calendars and info about these meetings and the game-specific gatherings can be found at the sites below.   Many also have email list-servs or bulletin boards to communicate with local fellow gamers. 

Have fun exploring,  and hope you can join us!

Sac Boardames meeting locations

We can be found playing a variety of games every Tuesday night, starting at 6 pm, at Crepeville on 18th and L St., midtown Sacramento.  Feel free to stop by and join in on the fun! Open 'til 11 pm and open to the public!

Check for the latest schedule.  Another great resource is

Heroes Alley, Empires Comic Vault and Great Escape Games, both in the Arden area,  often have special gaming events: check their store schedules. 

Some of the game-specific groups meet at other locations in Sacramento; see their sites and groups (links below) for details.  And occasionally you can find private game parties listed on the sites, at members' homes.

Most events are open to the public, but some require RSVPs and have size limits.

Again, details about the events and their locations can be found on the below sites, or feel free to contact the organizers below if you still have questions.


  • CLICK HERE FOR DETAILED INFO ON THIS SACRAMENTO GAMING CONVENTION: Yearly and sometimes twice a year in late March or early April and in November in Sacramento. Volunteers and gamemasters sought! Showcases a variety of role-playing games (RPGs), RPGA, board games, strategy games, collectible card games, social card games, minatures and more, with vendors, tournaments, opening gaming, special guests, special events and seminars. Don't miss it! See site ( for dates/details.
  • local game stores

    Along with carrying games and gaming supplies, many of these stores host events such as tournaments & game nights:

    A-1 Comics
    5800 Madison Avenue, Sacramento,
    (916) 331-9203
    818 Sunrise Boulevard, Roseville,
    (916) 783-8005

    Adventures In Comics and Games
    6026 Fair Oaks Blvd., Carmichael,
    (916) 973-9064

    Comics & Collectibles
    1904 Fruitridge Rd, Sacramento,
    (916) 392-2467

    *Empires Comics Vault*
    2357 Arden Way, Sacramento,
    (916) 924-0775

    Fun and Games
    1106 2nd St., Old Sacramento,
    (916) 441-4784

    Games Workshop: Lake Crest Village
    1050 Florin Rd, Sacramento,
    (916) 392-1495

    *Great Escape Games*
    1537 Howe Ave # 200, Sacramento,
    (916) 927-0810

    Hobby Monkey
    1000 Fairway Dr. #140, Roseville,   
    3031 Stanford Ranch Rd, Suite 10, Rocklin,
    (916) 435-2516
    3 Sages Games
    (916) 947-4034

    Viking Hobby
    4713 El Camino Ave., Carmichael,
    (916) 483-6885

    *astericks denote recommended club sponsor


    Feel free to contact the organizers below for more information about their groups and the local gaming scene:

    If you organize a game group and are not listed here, or want me to make a correction, please contact Stephanie Rector at the email above, thanks!

    Local Game Designers

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    Want more to life than just games?

    Check out for lots of fun local activities and resources! 


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