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Sh Ch Birchgarth Fools Gold With Lourdace JW      

Sh Ch Lourdace Fulcrum JW

Lourdace Field of Gold               Lourdace The Navigator      Lourdace Bootlegger     

Sh Ch Flaxheath Freelander JW ShCM

Gordon Setters, sometimes nick-named "black and tan setters" originate from Scotland.  They are the heaviest of the four setter breeds, the breed standard requiring they be comparable to a "weight carrying hunter".

Gordon Setters are alert, and should never be aggressive or shy.  As with weimaraners, they demand affection which is returned in more than full measure with unwavering loyalty to their owners.

Gordons are a late maturing breed, unlike weimaraners.  Gordons are not in their prime until at least 3 years old, and many can be seen in the ring at shows collecting top awards as veterans - they are a lasting breed.  Gordons have a fantastic ability to work in the field, and in recent times we have seen Gordons winning field trials. 

As youngsters they are boisterous and fun loving, however with consistent, firm-but-fair handling with loving patience, a lasting companion and friend will be made.

David's first Gordon Setter encounter was via a dog trainer named Evie Johnstone, whom David knew through training classes and courses, who owned a Diptonia dog, bred by Carol Gill, and mostly of Lourdace and Carek breeding.  At Darlington show the year following this first enounter, David was most impressed by a young male owned by Jose Baddeley called Lourdace Bootlegger.  It was to be two years on from this that "Boots" was entrusted to David to show which was a great experience for him to show this delightful character. 

Jose and David went into partnership with a bitch in 2004, bred by Sue Griffiths (Birchgarth).  This bitch eventually became Sh Ch Birchgarth Fools Gold with Lourdace JW and can be seen below.  Through three litters this bitch produced well.  For her first litter she was mated to Sh Ch Strathorchil Nocturne at Breightonside - a typical rugged Gordon with an excellent pedigree.  This litter produced Lourdace The Navigator and Lourdace The Negotiator; the former being a constant class winner and gaining his JW and the latter gaining his Show Champion Title.  Lottie's second litter was from a mating to Prairiedawn Sole Legacy who was a very typical dog and also went back to some very nice breeding, this produced the outstanding Sh Ch Lourdace Stable Lad who is owned and shown by young Jess Horler who does an incredible job with him.  In her final litter, Lourdace Fulcrum and Field of Gold were born, being sired by the sound and typical male Absaaronem Eleys Fuzz Buzz - a dog who is sadly not shown enough, but could gain his title.  Other stars from this last litter are Lourdace Flashpoint and Lourdace Flare for Birchgarth; all four brothers and sisters have accounted very well for themselves in the ring thus far.  Fulcrum gained his Sh Ch title in June 2014.

David's aim is to show (and possibly eventually to breed) quality Gordon Setters who retain type and meet the requirements of the breed standard, coupled with a sensible, easy going temperament. 


Show Champion Birchgarth Fools Gold with Lourdace JW

Sh Ch Flaxheath Freelander JWShCM x Lourdace Border Line by Birchgarth  (CC winner)

Winner of 3CC's & 4 RCC's.

Bred by Sue Griffiths, co-owned by Jose Baddeley and David.

Lottie - or 'Pottie Lottie' as she is sometimes called - is a complete handful but an absolute delight!  As her aunt, Jose's Sh Ch Lourdace Blue Lamplighter, did not produce a litter, Jose made the decision to have a puppy from a mating of Sh Ch Flaxheath Freelander and Lourdace Borderline by Birthgarth.  David knew this was going to produce something special so was delighted to be able to go into partnership with Jose.

Lottie made her debut at Driffield, with no CC's on offer, in 2006.  David will freely admit he did not know what he had let himself in for as this black and tan whirlwind dashed, jumped and played about at the end of his lead.  Certainly a challenge!  After a few meetings and several discussions on the best way to behave, Lottie thought showing would be quite good fun and during her puppy career picked up many BP awards and numerous class wins.  Moving up to the Junior classes she was never placed lower than second other than on one occasion (which we choose not to remember!) and picked up two reserve tickets - which, for a slow maturing breed such as a gordon setter, is no mean feat!

Following on from her first litter, Lottie won no less than ... 3 Open Bitch classes ....1 RCC .... and 3 CC's!!  Her CC's came thick and fast at Blackpool, 6 days later at Windsor and a few weeks later at National Gundog Association - all from breed specialists.  Thank you to those concerned!

Lottie is proving to be a fantastic brood bitch, having produced the Sh Ch Lourdace The Negotiator, Sh Ch Lourdace Stable Lad and Sh Ch Lourdace Fulcrum JW.

CC awards from:

Russell Mosedale (Dubldee)

Pauline Quarterman (Aldabrook)

Sue Bateman (Tanquerry)



Absaaronem Elys Fuzz Buzz x Sh Ch Birchgarth Fools Gold with Lourdace JW


Owned by David and David, and breeder Jose Baddeley. 


In 2017, James become the top winning male Gordon Setter of all time - the new DCC record holder with 43CC's.

43CC's - SIX Group Wins - Championship Show BIS Winner

Crufts Best of Breed 2015 - Crufts Best of Breed and Best In Group 2016 - Crufts Best of Breed 2017



Absaaronem Elys Fuzz Buzz x Sh Ch Birchgarth Fools Gold with Lourdace JW


Owned by David and David

Eva was entrusted to us by Jose Baddeley of the famous Lourdace Gordon Setters, as a special gift to David.  This incredible bundle of black and tan joy has certainly made an impact already - being quite the mischief maker, but very loveable all the same!

Eva has attended a number of shows and despite her continuing lack of coat, has accounted for herself exceptionally well...we are sure the best is yet to come! She has nearly won her way out of the post graduate classes.  

At 10 months.  Not bathed, not trimmed, but quality shines through!

Eva produced her first litter in January 2014.  Twin bitches, sired by the very typical male Sh Ch Cromasaig Forever Loyal.  We were delighted with the two puppies and we hope to have a litter from Eva in 2016.


Lourdace The Navigator

Sh Ch Strathorcil Nocturne at Breightonside x Sh Ch Birchgarth Fools Gold with Lourdace JW

Multiple class winner at UK Championship Shows

British Gordon Setter Club & Gordon Setter Association Top Puppy 2009

Open Show BoB Winner & Best Setter In Show at Mid Western Gundog Feb 2009

The above handsome young man has been retained from Lottie's first litter.  He has an outgoing temperament, which is demonstrated in the people he has trusted to run him since he first came out into the ring at 6 months old!

We are quietly delighted with this young man and hope he continues as he has started.  Lewis enjoyed a hugely successful 2009 - his debut year in the ring, picking up no less than 5 BPIB at Champ Shows, too many class wins to mention, and BPIS at the BGSC Champ Show.  In all, this ended with him being the BGSC and GSA Top Puppy of 2009!

Lewis has now won multiple Best Puppy In Breeds at Champ Shows and has far too many firsts to mention.  His exceptional type, correct size and steady true movement being appreciated by top breed specialists and all rounders. 


Lourdace Bootlegger

Diptonia Brahms and Liszt x Lourdace Glenelgin JW (2CC's)

'Boots' was shown sparingly as a puppy, often being beaten to best puppy awards at champ shows by his beautiful litter sisters - Sh Ch Lourdace Blue Lamplighter and Lourdace Borderline by Birthgarth (1CC).  After taking some time out of the ring, Boots came back into showing in 2005 and won numerous PG classes this pushing him up to limit.  Having won a few limit classes he competed in open for a short while before being semi-retired from the ring to make way for his niece, Lottie.

Boots is a wonderful example of the breed, his head being one of his most complimented attributes!  He has a gentle temperament which appears to have been passed on to his progeny, many of which have been shown with a great deal of success.



Show Champion Flaxheath Freelander JW ShCM

Sh Ch Lochfain Not To Be Denied For Bareve JW x Flaxheath Fly With Me JW

25CC's, 21 BoB's

Owned by Kate Futcher, handled at shows by David.

Best In Show - National Gundog Association Champ Show 2010.  The FIRST EVER Gordon Setter to win BIS at this prestigious Show. 

Top Gordon Setter in the UK 2010.

Champion Stakes Qualified at Bournemouth 2010.  Gordon Setter Association Champ Show BIS Winner 2012.

Too many group shortlists to mention!!!

Although not owned by us, Callum is so special we thought he deserved a mention on our Gordon Setter page!  Not only is he a showing superstar, he is Lottie's dad, making him twice as special.  He is an outstanding Gordon setter and combines type with style, correct conformation and correct movement - qualities rarely seen in the breed these days.

At WKC 2007 David was asked to take Cal into the group following his success in gaining his 3rd CC under a breed specialist that day.  The rest, you could say, is history - and what great fun we are having making the history!

A very young Callum, above.


Since David has taken on handling of Callum he has now amassed a total of 25CC's.  He has been shortlisted in the group on too many occasions to mention, but always just shy of one of those elusive group placings ... we will keep on trying!  STOP PRESS!!  That elusive group place arrived ... and some group place it was too ... not content with a 2nd/3rd/4th Callum went BEST IN SHOW at the group show that is the National Gundog Association Champ Show on Saturday August 7th 2010!  What a way to gain a place, at the most prestigious gundog championship show in the UK!

A more mature Callum, pictured winning his 16th CC & 14th BoB at WELKS, April 2010.

Callum is owned and adored by Kate Futcher.  His available at limited stud to carefully approved bitches.  Contact Kate for further details - 01980 622499.

Sh Ch Flaxheath Freelander JW ShCM - Best In Show at National Gundog 2010, after winning his 21st CC.

The first and, to date, only Gordon Setter to win Best In Show at the National Gundog Association Championship Show.